Come Home to Good Food at Cio’s Kitchen

Our unending quest to find restaurants that not only offer good food at a reasonable price but also fun and memorable dining experiences has become a lot more difficult. With new food places opening left and right in recent months, knowing which ones to actually spend time on can be nothing short of nerve-wracking.

Good thing there are sites like that take this daunting task off the shoulder of our social media-weary fellow Cebuanos.

This week, we set our eyes on a quiet little restaurant that not only serves great-tasting dishes but also offers a cozy little space where you can share fun dining experiences with other food-loving Cebuanos.

Cio’s Kitchen focuses on the elements that Cebuanos no longer find in the restaurants of today. Aside from the long list of Cebuano all-time favorites that fill their menu, Cio’s Kitchen is also known for offering meticulously-prepared comfort fare for foodies young and old.

Cio’s Kitchen also knows that the dinner table is the perfect spot where you can reconnect with family and friends and make amazing memories together. And so their menu is carefully designed to ensure that the dining experience evokes nothing but good memories of family, friends, and home.

Cio’s Kitchen owner Bennett Palang takes pride in his creations at the restaurant. And as someone who is truly passionate about food and cooking, seeing how diners respond positively to his culinary offerings is definitely a rewarding experience.

Take a look at some of the great-tasting dishes you can sample at Cio’s Kitchen.

Gambarizo – a delightful combination of gambas and chorizo
Fries Platter, P310
The Jumbo Pork Steak, P310
Biggie Breakfast, P465
Lychee Milk Tea, P130
Sweet Potato and Ube Turon, P120
Cio’s Parfait, P175


On Fridays, Cio’s Kitchen offers Unli-Wings and Unli-Rice for only P199.00. This is a whole-day offer so you can enjoy their sumptuous chicken wings from the time the restaurant opens at 8:00 am up until it closes at 9:00 pm.

The chicken wings come in seven different flavors: Oriental, Saucy Hot Hot, Garlic Mayo, Hot Barbecue, General Ceasar, Maple Mustard, and Adobo.


If you are looking for space where you can work and enjoy good food at the same time, Cio’s Kitchen offers a comfortable space, one breakfast meal, and whole day coffee for only P350.00


Cio’s Kitchen also sells bottled treats which diners can take home with them. Their pickled chilies are a must-have and each bottle retails for only P120 (small) and P200 (big).

To know more about Cio’s Kitchen, be sure to follow their official Facebook Page HERE.

Cio’s Kitchen
Plaza Nouvelle, E Benedicto St, Cebu City
Contact Number: (032) 401 1913

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