Enjoy the Native Liempo sa Balamban at Cebu Parklane International Hotel

The Native Balamban Liempo, the winning liempo recipe during the recently-concluded edition of Sangka sa Kaha, is now served at the Cebu Parklane International Hotel. Created by Mr. Eduardo Parangan, the special recipe bested five other liempo recipes during the cook-off and is considered a welcome addition to the existing menu of Kan-Anan Restaurant, a restaurant that specializes in authentic Cebuano dishes on the hotel’s fourth level.

Sangka sa Kaha

The Sangka sa Kaha series is a cook-off competition that aims to identify and give honor to the very best ‘heirloom’ dishes and recipes from the different towns and cities of Cebu. After the completion of its eighth leg, people are now excited about the next amazing local dish that the competition will feature. The past winners of the cook-off include the Humba sa Ronda, Torta sa Argao, Bisnok sa Dumanjug, Podreda sa Oslob, Takyong sa Borbon, Nokus sa Sibonga, and Kinsan sa Aloguinsan. This year’s Sangka sa Kaha was presented by Cebu Parklane International Hotel, Del Monte Philippines, Inc., and Smart Communications.

Native Balamban sa Liempo

The Native Balamban sa Liempo was named the winner in the latest Sangka sa Kaha cook-off competition which was held last September in Balamban town. The rich, savory taste of Mr. Parangan’s liempo was recognized as the perfect representation of the Balamban Liempo, a very well-loved Cebuano dish.

You can now sample this very delectable dish at Kan-Anan Restaurant at the Cebu Parklane International Hotel.

Take a look at the amazing Cebuano and Filipino dishes which are usually served at Kan-Anan Restaurant on the fourth level:

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Adobong Manok
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Star of the night: Native Balamban Liempo
Native Liempo sa Balamban

To know more about Sangka sa Kaha and the exciting new menu at Kan-Anan Restaurant, visit their main website HERE, their official Facebook page HERE, their official Instagram account HERE, and their official Twitter account HERE.

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