5 Things You’ll Love About Aloha Mana Spa & Cafe

In this time and age when spas can be found virtually EVERYWHERE, finding the best one can be quite tricky. Fortunately, Cebuano spa lovers can now breathe a sigh of relief as the quest for the most value-for-money spa in Cebu has finally ended.

There’s a lot of good things to say about Aloha Mana Spa & Cafe. But to cut the long story short, we’re listing down five of the best things we’re certain that you will (also) love about this quiet little out-of-the-way spa you’ve (probably) never heard about yet.

Let’s begin!

1. Spa + Massage

Aloha Mana is not just a spa. It also doubles as a cafe that offers a wide selection of food and beverages. So instead of just focusing on your phone while waiting for your turn at the spa, you can enjoy a warm (or cold) cup of your favorite drink!

2. Soothing Massage Options

Aloha Mana offers a wide range of massages and other spa services. Some of their most popular massages include the Many Hands Massage, the Volcanic Stone Massage, and the Bamboo Massage, among others. They also offer foot massages, facials, and even ear candling.

3. Team of Well-Trained Experts

One of the owners of Aloha Mana Spa & Cafe is a trainer and assessor at the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA.) And that explains why all masseurs and masseuses at Aloha Mana are National Certificate II holders and are considered experts in their field. Now, that’s what you call ‘being in good hands.’ Literally.

4. Cold and Hot Specialty Beverages


The cafe component of Aloha Mana Spa & Cafe serves both cold and hot beverages the whole day. They offer an assortment of specialty coffee, teas, milk teas, and frappes. And drink prices only range from as 90 pesos to 140 pesos. Isn’t that cool?

st-Try Bites

Aside from the usual bites found in most coffee shops like cookies and crinkles, Aloha Mana Spa & Cafe also offers ‘heavier’ choices which can be enjoyed the whole day. They have all-day breakfast selections, sandwiches, pasta, and a whole lot more!

To know more about Aloha Mana, follow them on Facebook at Aloha Mana Spa & Cafe

Or you can visit them at:

Aloha Mana Spa & Cafe
Queensland Manor Condominiums, Rahmann Street, Cebu City
0956 599 4449

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