Meet the Pro Athletes Who Will Be Competing in XTerra Danao

This year’s XTerra series in Danao City is expected to be one of the toughest races in the history of the premier off-road triathlon. Featuring an ultra-challenging course that traverses rural communities, unfamiliar terrains, and difficult topographies, the XTerra Danao will surely be a battle of the fittest and the fiercest.

Almost 300 participants from all corners of the world have flown to Cebu to take part in this very exciting off-road race which will include 1.5 kilometers of swimming, 40 kilometers of biking, and 10 kilometers of running. Truly, this will be an exciting and brutal race as some of the biggest names in the off-road racing world are now in Cebu for one sole purpose: to bring home the title.

Let us meet the men and women pro athletes who will be competing in the 6th XTerra series in the Philippines (first time in Danao City.)


South Africa

• Defending champion – XTerra Albay
• 2017 1st XTerra PE – SA XTerra Series
• 2nd National XTerra Championships
• 2016 1st XTerra Buffelspoort – SA XTerra Tour
• 2016 1st XTerra PE – SA XTerra Tour
• 2016 1st XTerra Grabouw – SA Championships
• 2016 3rd XTerra New Zealand – Asia Pacific Tour
• 2016 5th XTerra Asia Pacific Championships – Australia
• 2016 2nd XTerra Malaysia – Asia Pacific Championships
• 2016 6th Switzerland – ITU Cross Tri European Championships



 • Recently married to Jacqui Slack
• 2016 Australia ITU Cross Triathlon Championships
• 3rd – 2016  XTerra Albay
• 3rd – 2016 XTerra Asia Pacific Champion
•  1st – 2016 XTerra Malaysia Champion
• 1st – 2016 XTerra Asia Pacific Tour Champion


New Zealand

• 11 XTerra World Tour Podiums
• 2nd Place 2016 XTerra European Champs
• 2nd Place 2016 XTerra European Tour
• 2nd Place 2016 XTerra Asia Pacific Championship
• 3rd Place 2015 ITU Cross Triathlon World Champs


United States of America

• Club Swim Coach
• Junior Tri Team Coach
• Xterra Real – Champion
• Xterra Tahoe City – Champion
• Bear Valley Triathlon – Champion
• 2nd Overall – Donner Lake Triathlon
2nd Overall – June Lake Triathlon



• 4th Place 2016 Xterra Albay
• 1st Place 2016 Xterra Saipan
• 4th Place 2016 Xterra Langkawi
• 3rd Place AMA Xterra Samui 2016 Off Road Racing
• 30th Place 2016 Xterra World Championships


New Zealand

• 9th Place XTerra Rotorua
• 29th Place XTerra World Champs
• 24th Place  XTerra Pan American Championships
• 8th Place XTerra Buffalo
• 11th Place XTerra Rotorua
• 4th Place XTerra Motatapu



• 1st Place XTerra Saipan
• 2nd Place XTerra South Africa
• 1st Place XTerra Saipan
• 1st Place XTerra Reunion
• 2nd Place XTerra Asia-Pacific Championships
• 3rd Place XTerra Malaysia
• 2nd Place XTerra Belgium
• 2nd Place XTerra Denmark


United Kingdom

• Married to Ben Allen
• 2nd Place 2016 XTerra Albay
• 2nd Place Australian Cross Triathlon
• 3rd Place 2016 XTerra Australia
• Champion 2016 XTerra World Tour Malaysia
• Champion 2016 Eastbourne Triathlon


United States of America

• 1st – 2012 and 2013 XTerra Pipestem Creek
• 1st – 2010 and 2011 XTerra Forest Drive
• 1st – 2007 and 2010 XTerra Deuces Wild
• 1st – 2007 XTerra Snow Valley
• 1st 2011 XTerra Forest Drive
• 2nd 2011 XTerra Japa Championship



• 12th Place Gold Coast Triathlon
• 5th Place 2016 XTerra Albay
• 1st Place 2016 XTerra Asia-Pacific
• 1st Place 2016 National Australian Cross Championships
• 2nd Place 2016 Stradie Salute
• 3rd Place 2016 Ironman 70.3 Hawaii


New Zealand

• 2nd Elite – XTerra Motatapu
• 8th Elite – ITU Cross Triathlon World Champs
• 1st Elite – XDeva Cross Triathlon Elite
• 8th Elite – XTerra Malaysia
• 6th Elite – XTerra Asia-Pacific Champs



• 3rd Place – Amateur Female ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships
• Nationals Champion Elite – ITU Cross Triathlon 2017
• 2nd Place – Gatoride Elite Race
• Involved in car accident that almost ruined her running career
• Had ankle reconstruction and recovered in time for the 2016 championships


New Zealand

• 3rd Place 2016 XTerra Victoria
• 9th Place 2015 XTerra Asia Pacific
• 7th Place 2015 XTerra New Zealand
• 3rd Place 2015 Tinman National Series Triathlon
• 1st Place 2015 Coast Duathlon
• 1st Place 2014 Coast Duathlon
• 1st Place 2014 2man Team Matu Challenge

The recently-married Mr. and Mrs.  Jacqui and Ben Allen (who met because of the races) received a special gift from the organizers for being a big part of the competition.

This year’s Pro triathletes ready to compete at the XTerra Danao Off-Road Triathlon series.

Watch this video of pre-race preparations and the introduction of the pro triathletes to the media.

Don’t forget to support your favorites pros and the rest of the participating tri-athletes on April 23, 2017 in Danao City. The swim race will be held at the Coco Palms Beach Resort. The running phase will begin at the CTU Danao campus.

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