CraftDawgs: The New Breed of Hotdogs

A big fan of hotdogs but a bit tired of the usual dog-cheese-bun combination? Check out CraftDawgs! CraftDawgs is the newest hotdog place in town that will surely make you an even bigger fan of hotdogs. They serve unique and original hotdog combinations that are guaranteed yummy and addictive!

Name: CraftDawgs
Location: 3/F Ayala Center Cebu – near Rai Rai Ken
Operating Hours: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Payment: Cash
Type: Hot Dog Booth
Food: Hotdogs, Fries
Standard Rate: Php 70 – Php 95
Dress Code: na
Serving Time: 5-10 minutes
Wait Service: na
Seating Type: Standing
Alfresco: na
Function/Private Room: na
Washroom: na
Wi-Fi: na
Smoking: na
Parking: Ayala Center Cebu / Cebu Park District

CraftDawgs currently has 6 dawgs to choose from.

And the price is pretty reasonable!

The CraftDawgs booth – Ayala Center Cebu

Chili. Php95

Dawg. Php70

TeriYummy. Php79

BaMM. Php89

B.L.T. Php85

Katsu. Php89

And they use the most curiously-named organic hot sauce around. CraftDawgs also exclusively distributes Sigbin!

Visit CraftDawgs today!

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