Teradyne Philippines Marks 25th Year with Silver Jubillee Celebration

Teradyne, a leading supplier of automated test equipment, will be celebrating its 25th year in the industry with a grand celebration this August 15, 2022. This glorious event is expected to become the company’s ‘event of the year’. It will feature exciting activities, and meaningful projects and collaborations. Most of all, it will feature gatherings of the company’s employees, partners, and movers and shakers from all over the world.

Teradyne Philippines

Teradyne Philippines is a supplier of automated test equipment located at the Cebu Light Industrial Park (CLIP) in Lapu-Lapu City. It prides itself in bringing high-quality innovations such as smart devices, life-saving medical equipment, and data storage systems to market, faster. In addition, its advanced test solutions for semiconductors, electronic systems, wireless devices and more ensure that products perform as they were designed. Its Industrial Automation offerings include collaborative and mobile robots that help manufacturers of all sizes improve
productivity and lower costs.

Through the Years

Teradyne Philippines began in 1997 when Teradyne acquired Megatest’s repair division and tester repair operations began in Cebu, Philippines with new product transfers. Three years later, Megatest product repairs from San Jose, California, and repairs for the J750 tester were transferred to Cebu. With the growing need for more space, Teradyne Philippines inaugurated its first building in MEPZ 2 Lapu-Lapu City in 2000.

In just 8 years, Nextest repair, miscellaneous options sales, finance shared services, system refurbishment, ETS/Neptune repair, and the product support group moved to the Philippines. By the end of 2010, the comapny’s headcount had grown from 6 to 445 employees.

Teradyne received the “Balikat ng Bayan” award from the Social Security System (SSS) and hosted Teradyne’s first Asia Pacific Parts Order and Logistics Integration Meeting in 2011. The following year, the company was awarded the Supplier Excellence Award from Analog Devices. This is the Customer-team Support Organization’s (CSO) first commercial repair award, and the first service award.

Teradyne Philippines celebrated 15 years in the industry in 2012 rallying behind the theme, “Experts Beyond Changing Times”. In 2014, Assembly Test Division (ATD) repair, the applications development center, and ETS-800 repair joined Teradyne Philippines. The following year, it opened its biggest site in the Philippines at Cebu Light Industrial Park. Two years later, Production Board Test manufacturing made its way to the Philippines. The Customer Care Center began supporting orders and inquiries for LitePoint and the industrial automation products. During this year, Teradyne Philippines opened another warehouse adjacent to the Cebu site. In 2016, the company co-hosted the first Cebu Semiconductor and Electronics Convention and Exhibition (CSECE) along with the Semiconductor and Electronic Industry (SEIPI).

In 2017, Teradyne Celebrated its 20th Anniversary with the theme: “Power of the Past Force of the Future”. The next year, the company celebrated its first Continuous Improvement Festival held at the Radisson Blue Hotel. During the event, 10 groups competed for the title of Best Project. In 2019, it was the second runner-up for the Best Paper in the Technical Symposium in the CSECE. It was also named champion in the Best Booth Category.

Teradyne Philippines extended its support to academia in 2020 in partnership with Analog Devices Inc. They installed the very first ETS-88 tester at the University of the Philippines. The system is now used by engineering students for their practical exercises. In the same year, its resolve was tested along with the world with the COVID19 outbreak.

Teradyne Philippines faced the outbreak in stride and even helped the local community by providing relief to the city of Lapu-Lapu. The company implemented high standards of safety for employees. In fact, it was one of the first companies in Cebu that was allowed to operate onsite during the pandemic. The pandemic heightened the creativity and initiative of the Teradyne Philippines team. Thus, this ensured that business continued amidst the supply chain challenges caused by COVID19. The team received commendations from international partners for delivering optimal service with minimal interruptions. In 2021, Teradyne Philippines was awarded the Excellence Award for COVID19 Response by PEZA.

In December 2021, Teradyne Philippines was hit yet again by another calamity. This time a category 5 typhoon devastated the lives of our employees and the local communities in Cebu. With determination, teamwork, and spirit, the Teradyne Philippines team, along with the international Teradyne community, pulled together several initiatives to rebuild the lives of the employees directly affected by the typhoon and the neighboring communities. In less than 7 days after the typhoon, the Teradyne Philippines team achieved a remarkable feat by bringing the Teradyne Philippines operations back online amidst the devastation, impressing Teradyne partners worldwide.

After the typhoon, Teradyne Philippines proved that anything and everything is possible with teamwork and a collective mindset to succeed. In the span of 25 years, Teradyne Philippines has continued to achieve incredible milestones and exceeded expectations in the face of many challenges, always emerging stronger. This year’s theme aptly embodies the strength of the Teradyne Philippines team: “Forged by the Past, Thriving in Diversity, Emboldened in Excellence for the Future.”

Silver Jubilee

Teradyne Philippines is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Beginning in 1997, Teradyne Philippines has played a significant part in Teradyne’s success. Growing in numbers and talent, Teradyne Philippines is marking this milestone by celebrating its people and the journey to 25!

The celebration started with a Virtual Kick-off Party on February 18, where employees from sites around the world partied with the Teradyne Philippines workforce and launched Teradyne Philippines’s Silver Jubilee with the theme: “Forged by the Past, Thriving in Diversity, Emboldened in Excellence for the Future.”

The kick-off party was followed by the usual Teradyne yearly activities, infused with the 25th Anniversary theme, including:
March – International Women’s Month
April – Corporate Social Responsibility Donation Drive
May – Family Day along with the Cebu Integrated Strategic Planning
June – DEI & LGBTQ++ Pride Month
July – Livelihood Training Program
September – TERA Tots (Parenting Club) & TER Kid’s Day
November – Christmas Tree Lighting
December – Year-End Party

This year’s celebration will culminate in a week-long festival full of fun activities and surprises from August 15 to 19. We will highlight our achievements over the years and celebrate our unwavering commitment to success.

Monday: “Grand Silver Opening”
– Opening of TER Mercato Central
Tuesday: “Silver Jubilee Exhibit Hall”
– Opening of TER 25 Gallery Hall
– TER 25: Themed Drawing Contest
Wednesday: “Gift and Souvenir Distribution”
– Sitewide distribution of the TER 25 Anniversary limited edition gifts & souvenirs
Thursday: “Karaoke Day & Contests”
– Employees will belt out their favorite tunes and win amazing prizes

The week will finish with the Grand Culminating Event held at JPark Island Resort and Waterpark on August 19, 2022, featuring inspiring messages from Teradyne’s corporate executives, a talent showcase, a raffle, and a very special presentation of the Teradyne Philippines’s Service Awards. It is definitely the event of the year for Teradyne Philippines!

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