Eats A Habit: Diner with Hometown Menu Opens in Robinsons Galleria Cebu

Tired of the usual food choices you can find in today’s malls and food halls? Why don’t you check out Eats A Habit? Eats a Habit is a diner that is infused with hometown and Filipino tradition, family recipes, fresh farm produce, and advocacy. Located at the third level of Robinsons Galleria Cebu, the diner offers a variety of breakfast, lunch, and diner options that will definitely not only delight but also satisfy.

EatsAHabit at Robinsons Galleria Cebu

Eats a Habit

Eats a Habit aims to encourage sustainable dining by offering healthy dining selections, supporting environment-friendly practices, and people-centric programs.

Exciting selections at EatsAHabit

Eats A Habit’s wide range of food choices is not only great tasting, but they are also organic and very healthy. Most of the ingredients used in coming up with these dishes also come from the brand’s very own farm. Some of their amazing offerings include the Super Plant Bowl, the Lettuce Burger Wraps, the Turmeric Garlic Mais, and the Farm Spiced Brown Rice, among others.

Spicy Spanish Sardines served with Toasted Bread
The Super Plant Bowl is a healthy serving of rice, tofu, chickpeas, greens, and more!
The best-selling Tomahawk can feed two people or one really hungry adult.
The Bilao can feed large groups of people

To help reduce carbon footprint in running the diner, Eats A Habit also uses environment-friendly materials and processes. The diner, for example, uses edible straws and reduce-reuse-recycle glass bottles.

The interior of EatsAHabit is simple, cozy, and warm.

Eats A Habit has partnered with Smile Train for such a worthy cause. For every meal served, the diner helps support a child’s cleft surgery and care for him or her to be able to enjoy a happy and normal life.

The diner also supports local talent by featuring their work inside the restaurant. They even carry titles from the Tahanan Publication to help encourage diners to read and appreciate our artists and our culture.

To know more about Eats A Habit, visit their diner at Robinsons Galleria Cebu. You may also follow them on Facebook HERE. For questions, suggestions, or partnerships, you may also email them at

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