10 Delightful Reasons to Make Cafe Bai Your Next Buffet Destination

When it comes to buffet restaurants in Cebu, you can find a gazillion different options. When talking about the best buffet restaurants, however, only a few names come to mind. One of them is Cafe Bai at bai Hotel Cebu. So what exactly makes Cafe Bai a must-visit buffet restaurant? Read on as TheCebuano lists down 10 good reasons to make Cafe Bai your next dining destination.

Excellent Location

Bai Hotel is located right in the heart of Mandaue City. Only minutes away from both Lapu-Lapu City and Cebu City, the hotel is situated smack dab in the middle of all the important activities in the metro.

Great Restaurant Layout

Cafe Bai has one of the most unique restaurant layouts you can find. Instead of placing the stations next to the walls, the stations are situated in specially-designed ‘bars’ in the middle of the dining hall. So, diners have very easy access to the food that they want.

Kiddie Corner

Unlike most buffet restaurants, Cafe Bai has a designated Kids’ Corner which features food choices that kids will surely love. The dishes are also arranged on smaller tables so it’s easier for young kids to access the station without the help of an adult.

Over 10 Stations

Cafe Bai is among Cebu’s most all-inclusive restaurants. It has more than ten different stations that offer dining options for just about all types of diners. Worried about your allergies, special diets, and restrictions? Don’t worry. Cafe Bai has something you will definitely love.

Free Drinks

Unlike a lot of buffet restaurants in Cebu, Cafe Bai gives its diners easy and hassle-free access to sodas, juices, and other beverages absolutely free. Forget about one-round drinks. At Cafe Bai, the drinks are free-flowing!

Free-Flowing Beer

Love to drink beer during or after your buffet lunch or dinner? Cafe Bai has a station especially dedicated to beer lovers. Also, you do not have to worry about additional charges. At Cafe Bai, it’s beer-all-you-can!

Specials and Offers

Cafe Bai comes up with amazing specials and deals that they roll out every month. For the month of October, for example, the 9+1 deal allows 1 customer to eat for free if he or she is accompanied by 9 paying customers. Bai Cafe also offers special discounts on alcoholic beverages from August 16 to November 30 for both Twilight/bai members and non-members.

Private Buffet Dining

Fancy a buffet experience with your team, officemates, or family but away from the busy crowd? Cafe Bai has special function/private rooms that can accommodate guests who want privacy while dining.


Although Cafe Bai’s international buffet spread is lavish and truly satisfying, the buffet rates at the restaurant are surprisingly very easy on the pocket. Monday to Sunday Lunch buffets cost only Php788 net. Monday to Thursday Dinner buffets, on the other hand, cost only Php888 net. Buffet dinners on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays cost Php888+.

Excellent Service

Of course, an amazing buffet dining experience would never be complete without truly satisfying and commendable customer service. Cafe Bai’s well-trained chefs and cooks make sure that food is prepared well and on time. The servers and food handlers and also very polite

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To know more about Cafe Bai and other amenities and services of bai Hotel Cebu, be sure to visit their official website HERE. You may also follow them on their official social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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