Sterling Land Opens Minglanilla Highlands for Public Viewing, Unveils Township Project

Last June 29, 2019, Sterling Land Residences and Development, Inc. held the blessing and official opening of the model units of their residential property Minglanilla Highlands. The opening of the model units give guests, interested clients, brokers, and agents a closer look at the first phase of the massive township project which is set to change the face not only of Minglanilla but also of the whole Cebu.

Minglanilla Highlands

Minglanilla Highlands is a high-end yet affordable residential project of Sterling Land Residences and Development, Inc. Situated in Tubod, Minglanilla, just around 2 kilometers from the South Road Properties, the 25-hectare uphill property offers an amazing view of both the ocean and Metro Cebu.

Minglanilla Highlands was designed with Environmental Sustainability in mind. This means that Sterling Land aims to create a sustainable community with good values and “to develop a culture of unity and harmony with actively involved families in the economic, social, cultural, and spiritual development of the country.”

Minglanilla Highlands will have four phases. The first three phases will have Single Detached Units, Duplex, and Townhouses to cater to the needs of young professionals and young families. Work on the first phase of the development (with 367 units) is now ongoing. Work on Phase 2, on the other hand, will begin before the end of the year. The last phase will house “The Orchard” which focuses on various members of society. The Orchard will have a retirement village, an actual orchard with lots of fruit trees, a vegetable garden, a park, and even a lagoon.

With its promise to give its residents a community with “Mountain Resort Style Living,” Minglanilla Highlands will have features and amenities found only in mountain resort developments. Residents of Minglanilla Highlands will be able to enjoy a multi-level infinity pool, a kiddie pool, an adult pool, a mini-golf course, a children’s playground, basketball and tennis courts, a mini-forest, a meditation garden, and lots of open spaces.

All these amazing features make Minglanilla Highlands a great and welcome addition to the ever-growing skyline of the First Income Class Municipality of Minglanilla.

Minglanilla Highlands Open House

The model units of the first phase of Minglanilla Highlands is now open to the public. After a short service and a blessing held last June 29, 2019, for the first time ever, the units were officially opened to the public for viewing.

Blessing of the model units of Minglanilla Highlands
Official ribbon-cutting ceremony headed by the top executives of Sterling Land Residences and Development Inc.
The top executives of Sterling Land Residences and Development Inc. raised their glasses and shared a toast during the blessing of the Minglanilla Highlands model units.
Some scenes from the blessing and opening of Minglanilla Highlands Model Units

Model Name: Single Detached

Rendering of a Single Detached Unit at Minglanilla Highlands
Actual shot of a Single Detached Unit at Minglanilla Highlands

Model Name: Townhouse

Rendering of a Townhouse Unit at Minglanilla Highlands
Actual photo of a Townhouse Unit at Minglanilla Highlands

Model Name: Duplex

Rendering of a Duplex Unit at Minglanilla Highlands
Actual shot of a Duplex Unit at Minglanilla Highlands

Model Name: Single Attached

Rendering of a Single Attached Unit at Minglanilla Highlands

Model Name: Single Detached – Prime

Rendering of a Single Detached – Prime Unit at Minglanilla Highlands

The model units are available for viewing from Mondays thru Fridays from 8 am to 5 pm and on Saturdays from 8 am to 12 noon.

Massive Township Project

Minglanilla Highlands is poised to become one of the most highly coveted and most distinguished addresses in the South of Cebu. With the conceptual project master plan done by no less than world-renowned Urban Planner Architect Jun Palafox, Minglanilla Highlands is set to become Minglanilla’s very first fully integrated world-class township development. Expected to become the standard in high-end residential-tourist destinations, Minglanilla Highlands is seen to be the address of choice among successful young professionals, starting families, homemakers, and even retirees both foreign and local.

Perspective Plans of the whole Minglanilla Highlands Property
Reception Center at Minglanilla Highlands
Rotunda at Minglanilla Highlands
Entrance Arc at Minglanilla Highlands

Here’s the official Audio-Visual Presentation for Minglanilla Highlands

Minglanilla Highlands is a perfect example of smart and well-planned use of land. The entire property will have spaces not only for private residences but also for other important aspects of life such as worship, commerce, entertainment, and leisure among others.

Health and wellness have also been integrated into the development through the well-appointed parks as well as walkways, roads, bike paths, pedestrian pathways, and trail systems. These features will encourage residents to not only be physically active but also to create and nurture an environment that discourages noise and air pollution.

Lifestyle Hub in the South

Minglanilla Highlands will be home to some of Cebu’s most iconic lifestyle destinations. The property’s Lifestyle Hub will feature the Santorini Highlands Luxury Villas, a county Club, the Rotonda Piera, and the Arc de la Vie.

Aside from this, the development will also have a shopping arcade as well as venues for different recreational activities! Minglanilla Highlands will also be home to a day care center which will offer Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Junior Kinder and Senior Kinder education to young residents.

Other structures set to rise at Minglanilla Highlands include a retirement village, a tourist information center, an outdoor events area, huge parking area for guests, tourists, and visitors.

One of the highlights of Minglanilla Highlands’s Lifestyle Hub are the spaces allotted for reflection, meditation, and prayer. The hub will house the Shrine of the Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal which features a giant statue of the Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. The shrine will be complemented with a meditation garden, wedding chapel.

Santorini Highlands at Minglanilla Highlands
Highlands Country Club at Minglanilla Highlands
Wedding Chapel at Minglanilla Highlands
Shrine of the Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal at Minglanilla Highlands

Sterling Land Residences and Development, Inc.

Sterling Land Residences and Development Inc. was established in 2013 by three pioneering professionals in the field of Finance, Banking and Wealth Management. With years of experience in the field, the three leaders Marilou A. Padilla (President and CEO,) Eduardo G. Padilla (Chairman of the Board,) and Atty. Pedro N. Tanchuling (Treasurer) succeeded in making Sterling Land one of the industry’s most important names today.

Minglanilla Highlands is Sterling Land’s third and newest project. Taking a cue from the success of Sea Breeze Residences and Santa Monica Estate, the company is continually seeking bigger and better opportunities to contribute to the growth and development of Cebu through quality yet affordable homes.

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