Rediscover the Joys of Home Cooking with Phoenix Super LPG

In this time and age, getting the food that you want has become so much faster and easier. With food delivery apps readily accessible and food parks available in basically every corner of the city, indulging your culinary cravings is now a walk in the park.

But while we enjoy the convenience and appeal of these modern-day services, we are also in the process of neglecting an age-old tradition that has helped shape us as Filipinos — the tradition of home cooking.

Importance of Home Cooking

Home cooking plays a vital role in Filipino culture. Through home cooking, histories, stories, and memories are passed on from one generation to another. Through home cooking, we learn the value of hard work, perseverance, and independence. And through home cooking, we forge strong bonds, lasting relationships, and meaningful connections.

Discover the joys of home cooking with Phoenix LPG

Phoenix understands the importance of this tradition. For this reason, they have shifted their focus on the hip and trendy milleniels of today. By offering them safe, sigurado, and simple cooking options, Phoenix aims to encourage these millenials to rediscover the joys of home cooking.

Sarah Geronimo

Phoenix Super LPG has tapped Filipino Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo to become the new face of the brand. A home cook herself, Sarah says that despite her busy schedule, home cooking is one of the many things that keep her occupied when she’s not working. According to her, she enjoys working in the kitchen because she loves cooking for her friends, family, and loved ones. And to make her cooking experience safe, sigurado, and simple, she only uses Phoenix Super LPG.

Sarah Geronimo is the new face of Phoenix Super LPG.
The new Phoenix Super LPG 30s TVC starring Sarah Geronimo.

Safe, Simple, Sigurado

Phoenix Super LPG knows that safety is hugely important when it comes to cooking at home. And it is exactly for this reason that the brand has produced a quality cooking partner that everyone can rely on.

Phoenix Super LPG is SAFE as it is equipped with an inlet safety valve that stops LPG flow once leakage is detected.

Phoenix Super LPG is SAFE.

Phoenix Super LPG is SIMPLE because it uses a simple snap-on mechanism that is very easy to attach and remove.

Phoenix Super LPG is SIMPLE.

And most importantly, the Phoenix Super LPG is SIGURADO as it has a reserve indicator so you know the exact content of your cylinder.

Phoenix Super LPG is SIGURADO.

Phoenix Super LPG

Phoenix Super LPG is a reliable and efficient green alternative fuel for home cooking. It has a German-made regulator and is available in 11kg, 22kg, and 50kg tanks all over the Philippines.

The Phoenix Super LPG team during the launching of Phoenix Super LPG in Cebu last March 23, 2019 at Maayo Hotel in Mandaue City.

To know more about Phoenix Super LPG, visit their official website HERE. You may also follow them on Facebook HERE and on Instagram HERE.

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