Northside Beacon by Durosland: A Real Game-Changer

Cebu has been enjoying a steady rise in the number of ground-breaking developments and upgrades in recent years. This is due to Cebu’s great economy, helpful government programs, investor confidence, and the Cebuanos’ openness to progress. One of these developments is the Northside Beacon by Durosland.

The Northside Beacon is a township project in Liloan town. The project is big not only in size but also in design and purpose.

Read on to know more about this project that is turning heads and making other players want to step up their game.

Northside Beacon by Durosland

Northside Beacon is DurosLand’s township project in Liloan, Cebu. This project spans 250 hectares. It is set to have all the features needed to live a comfortable and happy life. According to DurosLand President and CEO Lydwena R. Eco, the project will be a complete community. In fact, it will have a school, a church, commercial strips, condos and house-and-lots, and even a golf course.

Northside Beacon is an Php8-billion project that will set the standard for future projects in Northern Cebu, and the whole Cebu island, for that matter.

DLPI Vice-Chairman Fe Mantuhac-Barino, DLPI Chairman Rafaelito Barino, DLPI President, and CEO Lydwena Eco, and Project Manager April Dianne Mantuhac

The Woodlands Resort Communities

On December 8, 2018, DurosLand opened the clubhouse of the Woodlands project. The Woodlands Resort Communities is DurosLand’s retirement resort community. A part of the Northside Beacon development, the ‘Woodlands,’ is built with nature and beauty in mind.

The amenities of the Woodlands Resort Communities were built first. This is to ensure that owners are able to enjoy them as soon as they move in.

Bay-Ang Ridge

The DLPI team headed by Chairman Rafaelito Barino, Vice-Chairman Fe Mantuhac-Barino, and President and CEO Lydwena R. Eco

On December 8, 2018, the company launched Bay-Ang Ridge. This “residential series” is a part of the Northside Beacon project and will cover 60 hectares. Located in Barangay Sta. Cruz (also known as Bay-Ang,) the project is an ‘economic housing’. However, it will have certain aspects of the Woodlands Park Residences.

Work on the first phase of Bay-Ang Ridge, which covers 2 hectares, will begin in early 2019 and end on December 2021. Additionally, units at Bay-Ang Ridge are sold at Php2.3 million to Php3 million.

DLPI Team with the very first buyer of a unit at Bay-Ang Ridge

Site plan of Bay-Ang Ridge

Site visit of Bay-Ang Ridge with members of the local media

One Tectona

The One Tectona Condominium is the first high-rise in the Woodlands Resort Communities. It is designed to address the needs of visitors who want to retire here. Also, it will have zen-inspired units. Moreover, it will have rooms and features that passed the standards of the Philippine Retirement Authority.

The project, which will have 165 units, is just one of the 5 towers which will soon rise in the area.

Liloan Golf and Leisure Estate

Lastly, the Liloan Golf and Leisure Estate is the top feature of the Northside Beacon project. The 18-hole par 72 golf course covers 65 hectares. It was DLPI Chairman Mr. Rafaelito Barino who designed it.

The golf course serves as the central point of the whole project. However, it will also soon have a hotel and a theme park. In fact, they are seen to help increase business activities for the whole development.

To be able to enjoy the golf course, one must simply purchase any of Durosland’s projects.

To know more about the company’s projects, visit HERE. Also, you may follow their accounts here:


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