10 Things You Need to Know about Cebu’s Very Own Juanita Romualdez

Cebu is a powerhouse of raw talent. Whichever way you turn – from the dusty back roads of Daanbantayan to the quiet coastal villages of Samboan – you’ll always find a Cebuano who can sing, dance, draw, or write. You’ll probably call this a complete exaggeration, but we’re kinda inclined to believe that this could actually be true.

Take a look at Inday Juanita, for instance – a clear example of just how talented the Cebuanos can be. Juanita writes her own spoken word poems, plays football, does sketches and paintings, and most of all, writes and sings her very own songs!

“But I know a gazillion other people who can do those things,” I can already hear your say. Well, you could most definitely be right. But if you get a chance to sit down with Juanita (say, a nice fun chat over ngohiong,) and discover why she’s everyone’s newest favorite, we’d bet our bottom dollar (or peso) you’d change your mind in a jiffy.

Friends, neighbors, world, meet Cebu’s very own Juanita Romualdez.


Close friends and family call her Chicay, whereas her father’s name is Chicoy.


Taking after her idols Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye, she is an impressive spoken word artist whose work ranges from English to Binisaya. Her English poems are profound while her Binisaya pieces are usually humorous.

Check out this amazing spoken word poetry written by Juanita Romualdez entitled “How To Be Naked.”


She recently posted a Tagalog spoken word piece inspired by the movie Luck at First Sight starred by Bela Padilla and Jericho Rosales, who happens to be her childhood crush.


If you stalk her on Facebook, you will see her posting digital images of her sensual sketches and paintings.


You will catch her dancing salsa at times in her favorite joint.


She is a football player. Don’t be deceived by that small frame.


See those swimsuit photos of her on Instagram (IG: @juanitaromualdez)? Nope, she doesn’t have a photographer boyfriend. She has an equally talented mother who’s brilliant at taking the perfect shots.


The music video of her first single released by Viva Records entitled We’ll Never Know was directed by Don Frasco of Waverly Pictures. Link here


You know you’ve been hanging out with her too often when you start substituting some words in your conversation with “heavzt” or “chungkang.”


If you can’t find her in a corner writing or doodling, on stage performing, or at the football field, be sure to check the kitchen, because she could be whipping some experimental dish in there. Juanita has a huge space for food in her heart, and her belly.

Check out her newest single “Inday.”

To know more about Juanita, be sure to follow her on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/juanita.romualdez.3

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/juanitaromualdez/?hl=en

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mjromualdez

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