Sky Fiber Launches All-In Box and ‘Super Speed’ Plans

Sky Fiber, the country’s leader in fiber-fast internet connection launched last September 10, 2019, their brand new unlimited fiber home subscription plans. During the launch, which was held at the Oakridge Business Park, Sky Fiber also presented the country’s first-ever all-in box. Gracing the event were the company’s top executives as well as partners, bloggers, vloggers, and members of the local press.

Sky Fiber Cebu Launch

During the launch, Sky Fiber unveiled their new set of subscriptions plans which boast of fiber-fast connections at very affordable rates. The presentation was done by the company’s top executives led by the head of Broadband Products Mr. Alan C. Supnet.

Sky Fiber Super Speed Plans

Sky Fiber’s roster of ‘Super Speed’ Plans offers subscribers unlimited Fiber at very competitive rates. Users may also opt to bundle their unlimited fiber broadband plan with an HD Cable TV subscription. Take a look at the rates below:

Super Speed Plans

▪️Unli Fiber Broadband Plans
– 5 mbps (999/mo)
– 25 mbps (1499/mo)
– 50 mbps (1999/mo)
* Installation Fee: 999 + 100 for first 5 months

▪️ Unli Fiber Broadband + HD Cable TV Plans
– 15 mbps + HD Cable TV (1599/mo)
– 30 mbps + HD Cable TV (1999/mo)

Sky Fiber All-In Box

Sky Fiber also introduced the All-In Box, a device that gives users unlimited fiber broadband and HD TV. Considered the first in the country, the All-In Box is a WiFi-enabled modem which also serves as a digital terrestrial TV and cable TV modem.

The Sky FIber All-In Box has 4 very exciting features:

  1. Fiber-fast Home Internet
  2. Built-in iWant app
  3. Free ABS-CBN TV Plus Channels
  4. SKYCable and PPV channels via the interactive remote

* Install Fee: 1499 (promo) | * Monthly Fee: 1499

Using the interactive remote, subscribers can choose from over 50 exclusive and top-notch cable channels. Channel subscriptions packs (your choice channels) can be as low as Php100.00

To know more about Sky Fiber’s latest offerings, be sure to visit their official website HERE.

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