Palm Grass Hotel Unveils Leon Kilat Sculpture

Last June 12, 2017, Palm Grass The Cebu Heritage Hotel celebrated the 119th Anniversary of the Philippine independence with a short and intimate program called Kagawasan 1898: Kilat. Kulit. Kagawasan. As the only heritage hotel in Cebu, Palm Grass takes pride in honoring works and personalities that help show the amazingly rich history of Cebu. The program honors Leon Kilat, the leader of the revolution during the 1898 Tres de Abril. It was attended by top Cebu artists, members of the media, as well as sugbuanons who are at the forefront of the heritage conservation movement here in Cebu.

During the event, a piece of artwork that depicts one of the most important periods in the history of Cebu was unveiled. Created by Cebuano artist Radel dela Costa Paredes, the sculpture, called Leon Kilat ug ang Kagubot sa Sugbo sa 1898, focuses on the Battle of Tres de Abril which helped end Spanish colonial rule in the archipelago.

Artist Radel Paredes delivering his unveiling speech during the event.

Palm Grass Hotel is located at 68 General Junquera Street Barangay Kalubihan, Cebu City. It’s a few paces away from Super Metro Colon and 138 Mall.

Leon Kilat ug ang Kagubot sa Sugbo sa 1898 is a wood relief that focuses on Leon Kilat and his leadership during the 1898 revolt.

A delightful feast was served during the event. The menu was a mix of Filipino and international favorites.

If you’re observant, you will notice that the print on the vest worn by the staff of Palm Grass can also be seen on the last few surviving vests actually worn by the revolutionaries of Cebu.

The hotel’s small museum and tribute to the rich history of Cebu can be found on the second floor. On your way up, you will see several of Radel Paredes’ various works.

Mr. Paredes also serves as the curator of the hotel’s historical gallery called Galeria Independencia.

The gallery is a rich resource of important information about Cebu’s colorful past that you wouldn’t normally find in school books.

Also on display are several photographs of early Cebu as well as antique pieces used the days of old — including the Katipunero vest that I talked about a while ago.

If you look close enough, you will find a couple of really interesting information. Take this one, for example.

Mr. Radel Paredes with his work Leon Kilat ug ang Kagubot sa Sugbo sa 1898. This work is actually just the first of seven planned wood reliefs which he will also be displaying in various floors of the hotel.

To see this amazing work (and other pieces in the gallery) in person, drop by Palm Grass Hotel today!

Palm Grass Hotel
Cebu’s Only Heritage Hotel
68 General Junquera Street Barangay Kalubihan, Cebu City
(032) 412-2438

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