9 Must-Try Features of PLDT HOME’s Concept Store in Cebu

Last December 2016, PLDT Home officially unveiled their concept store in Cebu. The first of its kind in the country (and in the whole world, for that matter,) the concept store is PLDT Home’s stylish, creative, and very modern way of showcasing their products, innovations, and services to the world. Packed with digital, technological, and artistic elements that are sure to appeal to the brand’s ever-growing clientele. the concept store aims not only to take care of customers’ queries and concerns, but also to teach and educate about the evolving trends in entertainment, security, connectivity, and convergence.

Here are 9 key features of PLDT Home’s Concept Store in Cebu that we’re sure you’ll love:

Broadband Visualizer

The broadband visualizer is a tool that simulates broadband and data usage per plan. In short, it allows customers to understand data and broadband usage with the use of simple and elementary visuals. Using the visualizer, customers understand how many emails, photos, videos, or songs their plan can upload, download, or access.

Augmented Reality

PLDT Home’s concept store has a massive display screen outside that allows users to experience augmented reality. Very similiar to the popular social media application Snapchat, this feature lets people interact with the ‘reality’ presented on the large screen.

Video Chat Option

Want to talk with customer service representatives about your concerns or queries? At the PLDT Home concept store, you don’t have to send an email or make a phone call. With their video chat option, the experience becomes even more personal as you can really see who you’re talking with.

Experiential Booths for Services

Want to know exactly how certain PLDT Home services work? Visit the PLDT Home concept store today and get to try out first-hand the services that are currently being offered. You can check out the booths for PLDT Home Fibr, PLDT Home DSL, and PLDT Home Ultera.

Experiential Booths for Gadgets

Eyeing some wonderful gadgets? Visit the PLDT Home concept store today to give a wide range of electronic products a try. From mobile phones, to telsets to smart watches, the concept store has a ready supply of some of the hottest gadgets in the market today.

Interactive Screens and Giant Simulations

Don’t miss the concept store’s interactive screens or giant simulation tablets. Using these electronic devices, you can watch videos, visit various websites, play games, or even access your social media accounts absolutely free!

An Improved Customer Service Bay

The PLDT Home concept store has a customer service area that is both spacious and well-planned. The customer service area has nice, comfortable chairs and can seat up to 8 customer service representatives for a faster and more fluid customer service experience.

Fast and Easy Payment Center

Away from the experiential booths, the broadband visualizer area, and the customer service area is the beautiful-looking payment center. The payment center is secure, safe, and dedicated spots with two counters to make sure that transactions are fast, easy, and error-free.

Free Charging Station

If your mobile devices are running low on power, make sure to drop by the PLDT Home concept store and check out the free charging station. You don’t even have to worry about forgetting your charging cable. Charging cables are available for use at the station! Free of charge!


Right after the blessing of the concept store last December 8, 2016, a short musical extravaganza headlined by some of the country’s best musicians took place at the GF Atrium of the Mountain View Wing of SM Seaside City Cebu. Those who performed during the event were:

Robin Nievera

Cebu’s favorite comic duo Medyo Maldito and Snake Princess

Cebu’s very own Donna Cruz – Larrazabal

and the Philippines’ Concert Queen – Ms. Pops Fernandez!

The PLDT Home concept store is located at the Cyberzone (3rd floor) of SM Seaside City Cebu at the South Road Properties. For more information, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Email: customercare@pldt.com.ph
Website: http://pldthome.com/
Contact Number: 171 or 6727277

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