McDonald’s Brings Back the Spice with #McSpicy

Last Saturday, October 15, Cebu Bloggers Society, the premier blogging organization in Cebu, held the first of the many scheduled MiniTalks. Focusing on SEO and Branding, the session brought together members of the organization who wish to know more about these two areas which are extremely important when running a blog.

Talking during the event were SEO expert Ian Limpangog of and online personality Alem Garcia of Ukay Ukay Diva.

Ian Limpangog talking about SEO during the event.

Alem Garcia of UkayUkay Diva during the CBS MiniTalks session. Photo by Alem Garcia

During the break, venue sponsor McDonald’s surprised the attendees of the session by serving the delicious McSpicy Sandwich!


Remember the good ole times when a long and boring day can be fixed by a huge serving of McDonald’s mouthwatering spicy chicken burger? Well, guess what? Those days are sooo back!

McDonald’s brings back the #McSpicy Sandwich — a delicious serving of 100% whole chicken meat topped with mayo and lettuce and sandwiched in a huge sesame bun. Each spicy serving promises to rekindle old flames or start new ones to make your days a lot more exciting than they already are!

The McSpicy is perfect with McDonald’s Shake-Shake Fries!

The McDonald’s ShakeShake Fries comes in 3 flavors – BBQ, Creamy Cheddar, and Garlic Butter.

And to make it a truly filling meal, get a huge serving of the uber-cool McFreeze which comes in two flavors: Frozen Coke and Frozen Royal.

Hurry! Drop by any McDonald’s store and feast on the delicious McSpicy sandwich available for a limited time only!

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