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15 Perfect Pit Stops in Southern Cebu

pit stop (noun) – a brief rest, especially during a journey. – a place where one takes a brief rest during a journey. Cebu is a pretty small island. But it is interesting to note...

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Ormoc City Celebrates First Ever Piña Festival

Ormoc City, the Philippines’ very own “City of Beautiful People,” recently held its first ever Piña Festival. Honoring the city’s patron saints San Pablo and San Pedro and its world-famous Queen Pineapple, the festival has...

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The 12 Most Gorgeous Town Plazas in Cebu

Cebu has a lot of beautiful town plazas. However, only a few of these town plazas really stand out. These plazas do not only stand out because they are very well-planned and well-maintained, but...