19 Great Reasons to Shop at Robinsons Selections

Robinsons Supermarket Corporation’s premium grocery brand Robinsons Selections is finally here in Cebu. The entry of this upscale supermarket is a true testament to the continuous progress of the city as well as the growing sophistication of the local Cebuano shopper.

Carrying both local and imported well-loved brands and offering unique services, Robinsons Selections appeals to modern Cebuano shoppers who look for variety, sophistication, and great ambience when shopping.

Check out these 19 reasons why Robinsons Selections is a total standout in a sea of supermarkets and hypermarkets.

1. Food-To-Go Bar

Robinsons Selections’ Food-To-Go Bar offers ready-to-eat treats that you can enjoy before or after doing your grocery shopping. The section sells roasted chicken, roasted pork, salads, and a whole lot more.

2. Petals and Posies

Need to buy that special someone a bouquet of pretty blooms but you’re stuck at the supermarket? Fret not! Petals & Posies will solve that problem in a jiffy.

3. Produce Section

Robinsons Selections’ Produce section is top-notch. They sell a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. The items on display are certified fresh, too!

4. Wide Aisles

Robinsons Selections has wide aisles and walkways. Now, you don’t have to worry about having to walk sideways even in the busiest sections.

5. Concierge

Robinsons Selections has a Concierge counter which is manned by a friendly and hardworking group of people. Talk about taking customer service to an entirely different level.

6. Fruit Bar

One of the most exciting sections at Robinsons Selections is the Fruit Bar. The section sells sliced fresh fruits in season, freshly-made fruit juices, and other fruit products.

7. Salad Bar

Want a healthy bowl of salad, instead? Drop by the Salad Bar and start creating your very own fruit, vegetable, or garden salad!

8. The Bread Gallery

If you want to enjoy some great-tasting snacks before going shopping, drop by Robinsons Selections’ The Bread Gallery. The Bread Gallery by Baker Bob sells delicious freshly-baked, hot-off-the-oven breads and pastries.

9. Deli and Cheese Bar

If you are into cold cuts, cheeses, salads, and other ready-to-eat food products, make sure to drop by Robinsons Selections’ Deli and Cheese Bar. Truly, it is a haven for cheese lovers!

10. Health and Wellness Section

Want to stay fit and healthy? Check out Robinsons Selections’ Health and Wellness section. The section carries both local and international brands that help keep you healthy and in excellent shape.

11. Walkalators

Walkalators are conveniently located right inside the Robinsons Selections shopping area to make sure that going to and from the parking area (even while lugging around a heavy shopping basket) is a breeze.

12. Ice Cream Selections

Are you a fan of ice cream? Robinsons Selections sells a lot of them. And I mean, A LOT! Aside from the local brands that we all love, they also carry international brands that I’m sure you’d really want to try one of these days.

13. Sushi Bar

Craving for a big serving of sushi and maki? Check out the very appetizing Sushi Bar at Robinsons Selections. The bar sells sashimi, too!

14. Robinsons Rewards Membership Lounge

If you’re a Robinsons Rewards Card holder, you get free access to the Members’ Lounge where you can enjoy free WI-FI connection and even charge your mobile phone!

15. Wine and Spirits Section

To make it more convenient, (and to make sure that they are not easily accessed by minors,) cigarettes and alcoholic drinks like wine and beer are sold at a separate section.

16. Seafood

The Seafood section at Robinsons Selections sells nothing but fresh fish, shellfish, and other seafood items. The section is also very clean and devoid of any smell.

17. Local and Imported Meats

Aside from local meat products, Robinsons Selections also sells frozen meat products which are imported from other countries.

18. Beverage Section

Tired of the usual softdrink brand? Check out the amazing Beverage section at Robinsons Selections. From pink lemonades to carbonated water, the Beverage section has them all.

19. Almost Two Dozen Counters

You don’t have to wait long to pay for your items. Robinsons Selections has almost two dozen counters manned by courteous and friendly cashiers who are always ready to ring up your items.


Have you tried grocery shopping at Robinsons Selections? Let us know about your experience in the comments section below.

Robinsons Selections is located on the ground floor of Robinsons Galleria Cebu, along Gen. Maxilom (Mango) Avenue corner Sergio Osmeña Boulevard.

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