Childlink Learning Center and High School Offers New Programs Designed for the New Normal

To ensure that learning never stops even with the current health crisis, Childlink Learning Center and High School is offering new programs specifically designed for the New Normal. According to founder and school directress Maria Theresa Tio, this move was done as a response to the parents’ desire to keep their children at home during the pandemic.

Take a look at the programs that the school is currently offering:

Childlink Online Classroom

The Childlink Online Classroom offers a safer and more accessible learning environment for both teachers and learners. The program focuses on the students as individuals. In addition, it respects their identity and highlights their current knowledge and skills.

Moreover, the Childlink Online Classroom helps further develop the sense of responsibility among the students. With the proper guidance of their mentors as well as their parents, the online set-up is definitely the best way for kids to continue learning. The Childlink Online Classroom is offered to both current students and new enrollees.

Home School Program

The Childlink Home School Program was made for students living in areas with poor connectivity. Also, the program gives parents a chance to play a role in their child’s learning process. In fact, each week, it is the parents that receive the topics that the students must learn.

According to Mrs. Tio, the program is a great tool to integrate the child’s social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and character development in a natural and nurturing setting. Also, the program is very flexible. This means that the parents can set the pace of the lessons. In addition, the parents can even use the type of teaching approach that they’re comfortable in.

Childlink School Directress Maria Theresa Tio

The students of the Childlink Home School Program are also given a chance to join the online classes. In fact, they take weekly assessments to ensure that they grow and develop together with other students in the Online Classroom Program.

Other programs offered include:

  • 1-on-1 Reading Tutorial
  • After School Care Program
  • Daily Tutorial Classes for English and Chinese
  • Music Instrumentation Classes

Childlink Learning Center and High School, Inc is a private international school offering both English and Chinese curriculum for the playgroup, nursery, grade school, and high school levels. Visit Childlink Learning Center and High School in Zodiacville along Englis, V. Rama, Barangay Guadalupe, Cebu City.

To know more about the school and their new programs and to receive official news and announcements, you may check out their FB page HERE.

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