WaterWorld Cebu – the Biggest Waterpark in the Visayas

WaterWorld Cebu, the biggest and most exciting waterpark in the Visayas, has finally opened its doors to the public on December 14, 2019. This exciting new spot is a perfect addition to Cebu’s ever-thriving adventure and tourism industry. Now, Cebuanos no longer have to travel very far just to experience all the fun features that waterparks have to offer.

Take a look at some of Waterworld Cebu’s amazing features. We assure you, you’ll want to drop whatever it is that you’re doing and head on to this exciting new destination right this very moment.


The gigantic wave pool is one of Waterworld Cebu’s main attractions. To ensure that all waterpark guests are safe, however, the wave pool is only ‘turned on’ several times each day. Also, lifeguards are on stand by at all times when the pool is operational.

Private Cabins

Waterworld Cebu has several private cabins for rent. These cabins have two daybeds, a dining table, four chairs, a flat-screen TV, private shower and toilet, and an air conditioning unit. Each one has free Wi-Fi access, as well.

Adventure Slides

The waterpark has several adventure slides that thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies will surely enjoy. In fact, some of the most exciting slides at Waterworld Cebu can be more than 4 stories high.

Function Halls

Waterworld Cebu has function halls that can accommodate hundreds of guests at a time. The halls are also equipped with complete function hall needs like sound system, seats, projectors and screens, and more!

Lazy River

One of Waterworld Cebu’s most attractive features is the lazy river which runs around the central part of the waterpark. Similar to a slow-moving river, the lazy river takes guests around the whole park as they gently glide on the 4-feet deep water.


Waterworld Cebu has hundreds of lockers which guests can rent out. Each locker can be automatically opened by an electronic key and is enough to accommodate a small bag, a pair of shoes, and other important personal items.

Play Pools

Younger guests will have an amazing time at Waterworld Cebu because the waterpark’s central feature is the massive play pool. The play pool is fitted with exciting features and is only a foot deep so small kids are safe at all times.

Souvenir Shop

Waterworld Cebu has a shop which sells different souvenir and gift items. Located near the main entrance of the waterpark, the shop sells swimming outfits, water bottles, shirts, and a whole lot more!

Dining Options

Waterworld Cebu has several food outlets that offer different types of dishes. Guests can enjoy full meals, snacks, drinks, desserts, and a whole lot more without having to leave the vicinity of the waterpark.

Tables for Rent

Waterpark Cebu has a huge space set aside for picnic tables and benches. For a minimal rate, guests can rent out these tables and benches for the whole duration of their stay inside the waterpark.

For more photos and complete rates and fees, click HERE

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