5 Things to Know About the Badian Zipline Adventure

Thinking of going on another out-of-town adventure? Want to conquer your fear of heights? Looking for the next perfect adventure spot for your Instagram and Facebook followers? Check out the new Badian Zipline Adventure in Barangay Sulsogan in Badian.

Before making the long 4-hour trip, however, here are 5 things you need to know about this new exciting adventure spot down South. Read on!

1. It’s the Longest Zipline in South Cebu

The Badian Zipline Adventure is the longest zipline facility in South Cebu. At 1 kilometer, the zipline takes adventurers from one hill to another over houses, tall trees, trails, and thick shrubbery.

The ‘Flight’ is 1 Minute Long

Because of the distance, the entire zipline trip (from the launching platform all the way to the landing pad) lasts about one whole minute. That’s around 60 seconds of pure adrenaline , and screaming, and hyperventilating. (Well, actually, it depends on how well you deal with adventure rides.)

You Save 45 Minutes!

The whole zipline traverses the actual trail that adventurers take to get to the jump-off spot. To get to the jump-off point, it takes an average hiker about 45 minutes. That means by taking the one-minute zipline, you get to save 44 precious minutes. And let’s not forget the amount of energy you can set aside for canyoneering.

Right Next to the Briefing Area

The launching platform of the Badian Zipline Adventure is located right next to the briefing station in Sulsogan. Basically, everyone who wishes to go canyoneering must attend the briefing before they can go on the actual adventure. And after the quick session, to finally proceed to the jump-off point, you can simply take the zipline and you’re there after one minute.

The Perfect Pre-Canyoneering Activity

The Badian Zipline Adventure is the perfect activity to prepare you for the actual canyoneering adventure. The zipline will help you relax your nerves and get you ready for all the treks, leaps, bounds, and jumps that you will be doing during the actual canyoneering activity. More importantly, the ride will help you save up some much-needed energy as the activity will definitely be tiring.

Badian Zipline Adventure

Location: Sulsogan, Badian, Cebu
Type: Dual Cable Tandem “Superman” Zipline
Length: 1 Kilometer
Duration: 1 minute
Rate: Php450 each (promo rate)
Trip Options: Solo | Tandem
Time: 6:30 am to 3:30 pm
Soft Opening: July 23, 2019

More Photos of Badian Zipline Adventure

Road-side sign which leads visitors to the Badian Zipline Adventure launching platform.
The super accommodating staff at Badian Zipline Adventure
The launching tower at Badian Zipline Adventure
Guests getting ready for an adventure of a lifetime

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