Angkas: Solution to Worsening Cebu Traffic?

Ten years ago, getting from one point to another in Cebu was a breeze. Despite having to ply through narrow streets, Cebuanos were able to move from one place to the next with so much ease. Today, however, things have changed. With increased business activity and a much bigger population, the surge in the number of vehicles plying the city streets has also increased tremendously. As a result, traffic jams and gridlocks have become such normal everyday occurrences.

Traffic is Everyone’s Business

According to the Land Transportation Office Region VII (LTO-VII), it has half a million motor vehicles and motorcycles in its registry in 2017. This number grew by three hundred thousand in just a year. The result is the devastating traffic congestion which affects every single sector in society. In fact, according to a recent study by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the gridlocks and merciless jams in the metro have resulted in economic losses of about Php1.1 billion each day. If these congestions remain unresolved, Metro Cebu and every single one of its residents stand to lose more in the coming years.

Angkas Founder and CEO Angeline Tham answers questions from the local media

Angkas to the Rescue

Angkas advocate Gilbert Olan said that the worsening traffic condition in Cebu is the exact same reason why Angkas was born. Angkas was created as an answer to the Cebuanos’ problems when it comes to commuting and traveling. Angkas is a timely and innovative traffic solution that does the job fast and easy.

With Angkas, Cebuanos have found a fast, convenient, efficient, affordable, and safe way to commute. At the same time, Cebuano motorcycle owners have found a decent means of livelihood that they can actually be proud of.

Angkas Assistant Manager for Operations Lachme Reboton, Angkas Founder and CEO Angeline Tham, Chief Transport Advocate Gilbert Olan, and Chairman of Motorcycle Rights Organization Jobert Bolanos

Angkas Founder and CEO Angeline Tham stated that Angkas bikers-partners are carefully screened to ensure that the passengers are in good hands at all times. She added that before bikers-partners are allowed to service passengers, they are actually given thorough training on driving, safety, hygiene, and proper conduct. Ms. Tham also corrected the notion that Angkas trips are not covered by insurance. She emphasized that both the Angkas biker and the booking passenger are entitled to insurance on every single trip.

Angkas Cebu Safety Fiesta

To further their effort to ensure that both Cebuano riders and passengers are safe in every trip, Angkas held for the very first time ever the ‘Angkas Cebu Safety Fiesta.”

Angkas Cebu Safety Fiesta at Plaza Independencia in Cebu City

Held at the Plaza Independencia open grounds, the 12-hour event featured a dental mission, free haircut, and massage, a Gymkhana competition, fun activities, raffle draws, and a whole lot more.

Angkas’s thousands of bikers-partners were present during the 12-hour event.

The event also featured a safety seminar, a skills training session for all biker-partners, and a motorcycle driving test for those who wish to become part of the motorcycle taxi-hailing app’s ever-growing network.

Free haircut at the Angkas Cebu Safety Fiesta
Free massage at the Angkas Cebu Safety Fiesta
Motorcycle driving test at the Angkas Cebu Safety Fiesta

The most exciting parts of the event were the live musical performances of some of the country’s most popular names in music and entertainment. The concert featured Cueshe, D7G Girls, Jay-R Siaboc, Crazy Duo Jr., the Maka Girls, and legendary rapper and comedian Andrew E.

To know more about Angkas, please visit their official website HERE. You may also visit their official social media accounts here (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.)

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