Shaping the Next Racing Champions at the Cebu Leg of Yamaha Grand Prix 10

Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. held last August 25, 2019 the Cebu leg of the exciting Yamaha Grand Prix One-Make Race. Now on its tenth edition, the race is Yamaha’s way of shaping future racing champions and supporting their goal of maximizing their potentials and becoming ready for the world stage.

The Yamaha Grand Prix is a high-standard, one-make motorcycle race patterned after the ASEAN Cup. Sanctioned by the National Motorcycle Sports & Safety Association (NAMSSA,) this nine-leg race is held in key cities all over the Philippines, with the championship being held in Manila. The Cebu leg had eight exciting key races which include the Dealer Cup Race, the All-Female Race, and the YGP 150 Open UB Season Championship Race, among others.

The Yamaha Grand Prix 10 – Cebu Leg was held in Cebu Kartzone in Barangay Mabolo. Aside from the races, Yamaha also prepared exciting games and activities for all guests.

Yamaha also displayed some of their newest and most exciting models to date to allow guests to have a close look at each one of them.

The crowd gathered around the race track for the official start of the races.

Yamaha introduced the two members of the UMA Racing Yamaha Team Pilipinas who recently came home from the ARCC (Asia Road Racing Championship) with new titles under their belt.

Masato Fernandez and McKinley Kyle Paz talk about their experiences and gave tips for those who want to pursue their racing dreams.

One of the most highly-anticipated races was the All-Female Race which featured 15 racers.

The whole Cebu Kartzone racetrack was set ablaze by some of the country’s fiercest and fastest racers.

Check out this video which features some of the highlights from the Yamaha GP10.

Congratulations to all the Yamaha GP 10 winners. See you all next year!

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