Artists and Designers to Gather in Cebu for Tropical Futures Forum

Artists and designs from different parts of the world will gather here in Cebu for the first-ever Tropical Futures Forum. The Tropical Futures Forum – a gathering where creatives can talk about the positive impact of creativity and design on cities and communities – will be held on September 13, 2019, at The Company in IT Park, Lahug.

To be held in time for the celebration of the Cebu Design Week, this gathering of creative minds will feature a portfolio review, a film screening, a graphic design exhibit, and talks from world-class guests about education, film, art, music, creative growth, and a whole lot more.

Creative Director for Happy Garaje Mark Deutsch, Co-Founder of Tropical Futures Institute Christ Fuusner, and DTI-Region VII Assistant Regional Director Nannette Arbon talk with members of the local media during the press conference for Tropical Futures Forum.

Check out the list of speakers during the Tropical Futures Forum:

  • Roxy Navarro
    Communication Designer from Manila, Philippines
    Talk: Designing for Impact-driven organizations
  • Motoki Koitabashi
    Entrepreneur & Designer from Yamagata Japan
    Talk: Communication Design amidst a Volatile World
  • Dan Matutina
    Designer & Illustrator from Manila, Philippines
    Panel: Door to Asia, a residency for community-driven design projects
  • Mikiharu Yabe
    Top Artist Agent and Door to Asia co-founder from Tokyo
    Talk: A Borderless Creative World
  • Happy Garaje
    Artists and Designers from Cebu, Philippines
    Talk: Design is Learning to look both ways
  • Chris Fussner
    Designer, Gallerist & Design Researcher from New York and Singapore
    Neo Tropicalism
  • Dang Sering
    Artist, Writer, & Designer from Manila
    Curator, All-women graphic design exhibit
  • Erik Tuban
    Founder, Pawn Press & Records Cebu
    Talk: Bootstrapping creative events
  • Hannah Martinez Florendo
    Artist, Designer & Educator from Cebu
    Artastic: Art Enrichment Program
  • Myka Arnado
    Designer from Cebu and co-convenor at Create Cebu
    Talk: Insights From Engaging Cebu’s Creative Communities
  • Chad Manzo
    Illustrator & Designer from Cebu City
    The Power of Personal Projects
  • Felix Ng
    Anonymous (design studio) Singapore
    A Design Film Festival
  • Karl Lucente
    Musician and Filmmaker from Cebu
    Talk: Mandaue Nights and My Other Musical Experiments
  • Nanette Arbon
    DTI-7 Assistant Regional Director
    Community & Government
  • Yayoi Kusama
    Kusama: Infinity film screening

Don’t miss this chance to meet some of the biggest names in the industry, understand how they succeeded in their field, and connect with them for a chance to come up with possible collaborations and fresh new concepts.

Name: Tropical Futures Forum | Cebu City
Date: September 13, 2019
Venue: The Company Cebu, IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City
Tickets: Php1900.00 (Professionals) / Php1000.00 (Students)
Early Bird Rates: Php1000.00 (Professionals) / Php400.00 (Students)

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