PHILIPS Brings Healthy Kitchen Solutions to Cebu

In this time and age, it is essential that we stay healthy, strong, and happy. However, staying strong, healthy, and happy by eating healthy can be a quite difficult thing to do. Whether or not we admit it, healthy food can be unforgivingly expensive and preparing them at home may cost even more money.

Good thing Philips – a global leader in kitchen appliances – understands this predicament of the modern-day Cebuano. They know healthy eating is an essential part in living a happy and long life. They also understand that going green doesn’t have to be difficult. Most importantly, they agree that staying healthy doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Philips Personal Health Lead Pia Umayam talks about the importance of staying healthy by eating healthy.

To reaffirm the brand’s advocacy in motivating Filipinos to make healthy life choices, Philips recently brought to Cebu the second stop of the #NothingBeatsHealthyEats Caravan. Fresh from their first stop in Davao City, the team proceeded to the Queen City of the South to showcase to the Cebuanos the healthy options that the brand can offer.

Two teams headed by Chef Bettina and Chef Martin will be battling it out for the Cebu leg of the caravan cook-off challenge.

Featuring the brand’s top of the line healthy kitchen solutions, the #NothingBeatsHealthyEats caravan is headlined by celebrity mom Bettina Carlos, celebrity chef Martin Jickain, and restaurateur Chef Edward. Together (and with the help of a few local participants,) they showed Cebuanos how easy it is to prepare well-loved local recipes in a healthy way using only nothing but Philips kitchen appliances.

#TeamMartin preparing their version of the Cebuano linat-an cooked using the Philips pressure cooker.

#TeamBettina busy preparing their own version of this Cebuano favorite.

The judges taste-testing the final three dishes prepared by both teams using Philips kitchen appliances.

In the end, #TeamBettina was named the winner!

Here are the three dishes that #TeamBettina prepared using the following Philips kitchen appliances: Philips Avance Airfyer, Philips All in One Cooker, Philips Avance Collection Sensor Touch Rice Cooker, Philips Avance Collection Blender, and the Philips Avance Noodle Maker.


To know more about Philips’ healthy lifestyle innovations, don’t forget to check out or their social media accounts (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram). You may also follow the hashtags #PhilipsPH and #NothingBeatsHealthyEats.

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