5 Things You Will Love about Ampersand Bar and Restaurant

In the past, Cebuanos prefer new flavors and culinary experiences every once in a while. But ultimately, they all go back to the flavors that they are familiar and comfortable with. In recent years, however, Cebuanos have become more and more adventurous when it comes to their dining and food choices. While they still generally prefer the all-time favorites, they are now much bolder in giving new gastronomic feasts a try.

Today, restaurants that bring something new to the table (literally,) are thriving in the metro. In fact, Cebu is now home to hundreds of amazing themed and ethnic restaurants that offer dishes from various regions of the earth.

One of these many excellent restaurants that enjoy tremendous success is the Ampersand Bar and Restaurant in Cebu City. Offering main dishes and specialties from different countries and cities, Ampersand Bar and Restaurant is frequented not only by locals but also by visiting guest and food adventurers.

TheCebuano paid Ampersand Bar and Restaurant a visit one day to try to find out just exactly why throngs flock to this little obscure establishment daily. Here are five good reasons why Ampersand Bar and Restaurant will become your next favorite foodie spot in Cebu.

Excellent Food

photo by Guada of supercebu.com

Ampersand Bar and Restaurant serves a wide variety of dishes — from the usual fast food favorites to the more complicated regional dishes. What sets Ampersand apart from all other contemporaries, however, is the fact that the ingredients that they use are guaranteed fresh. Makes their dishes even more mouth-watering!


photo by Guada of supercebu.com

photo by Guada of supercebu.com

Amazing Ambiance

 Ampersand is a meticulously designed restaurant. From the well-supplied bar to the wonderfully-maintained open kitchen, everything about the restaurant is intricate, posh, and just oozing with positive vibes. Dining at Ampersand feels like enjoying all your delicious dishes in a cozy and pretty little nook right in the midst of a restless and bustling metropolis.

Perfect Location

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Ampersand Bar and Restaurant is smack dab in the middle of the metro. Located on the ground floor of the Banilad Center, the restaurant is basically only 15 minutes away from the city center. So if you ever find yourself stuck in the great Ban-Tal traffic, you know exactly where to go.

Original Cocktail Creations

photo by Guada of supercebu.com

Aside from offering great-tasting dishes, Ampersand Bar and Restaurant prides itself in serving concoctions you can never find anywhere else. Manned by a team of highly-energetic and very skilled bar-tenders, the bar area of Ampersand Bar and Restaurant is something that you shouldn’t miss.

Check out some of Ampersand’s original creations:

photo by Guada of supercebu.com

Polite (and very Well-Trained) Staff

Ampersand is run by a team of very polite, friendly and well-trained staff. From the kitchen crew, down to the bar staff, Ampersand operates on a level some food establishments can only dream of. The servers are quick and attentive and the men and women who prepare the food and drinks are always looking to better their craft by interacting with their guests and asking about their dining experience.

And since the weekend is (almost) here, why don’t you drop by Ampersand Bar and Restaurant just to see for yourself what exactly we’re talking about! 🙂

AMPERSAND Bar and Restaurant

Banilad Town Center, Banilad, Cebu City
416-1233 / 09951224364 / 0943-498-1744

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