Metrobank is the Most Recommended Retail Bank in the Philippines according to The Asian Banker

Metrobank is hailed as the Most Recommended Retail Bank in the Philippines by The Asian Banker in the publication’s recently held Global Excellence in Retail Finance Awards.

The recognition was given based on the results of The Asian Banker’s Annual BankQuality™ Consumer Survey, which gathered feedback from over 12,000 customers across Asia in January 2024. The survey measured the participants’ engagement, and satisfaction with retail financial services institutions based on their experience with services, channelsand products. 

According to The Asian Banker, Metrobank has earned a strong reputation among its clients for its trusted financial services, and hassle-free banking experience. These served as the main drivers for Metrobank’s BankQuality score of 101.48 – the highest among the participating banks in the Philippines, and the 6thamong the banks in Asia. 

This positive feedback among the Bank’s clients is supported by a study conducted by NielsenIQ in 2023*, where Metrobank emerged as one of the Top Recommended Banks in the Philippines. About a thousand respondents were asked how likely they would recommend each bank cited in the survey to their peers. According to the results, Metrobank edged out all the other local major banks, and has held this position since 2022.

For Metrobank, these recognitions serve as a strong vote of confidence that the Bank is on the right track in fulfilling its promise to clients as their trusted financial partner in every life stage. 

Metrobank constantly aims to provide clients with reliable and relevant banking services to help them achieve their goals – whether the client is an individual growing his savings, an aspiring entrepreneur starting a new business venture, or an established individual looking to manage the growth and distribution of their wealth.

“For decades, fulfilling our promise of keeping Filipinos in good hands has been Metrobank’s north star. Every product and service we have, was developed to address our clients’ needs. We are strongly committed to help Filipinos achieve their dreams, and foster growth in the communities we are a part of,” said Digs Dimagiba, Metrobank’s Chief Marketing Officer. 

“This mission is what fuels our drive to deliver an exceptional brand of service, and we are grateful that this is being recognized both by clients across the country, and by global banking experts such as The Asian Banker. Metrobank is the Most Recommended Retail Bank in the Philippines, because each Metrobanker is dedicated to helping our clients, and our communities grow,” he added.

Celebrating partnerships that lead to growth

As Metrobank celebrates meaningful partnerships with clients through these awards, the Bank also reaffirms its commitment to become its clients’ partner in success with the launch of a new film, entitled “Grow with Metrobank.” 

The film represents the millions of Filipinos whose journey to growth and success was aided by the Bank, in the past 60 years. These stories are seen through the eyes of mother-and-son bakers Gigi and Andy who are successful Metrobank clients. 

There is the character of Mrs. Bueno, a pharmacist, who is celebrating because Metrobank approved her business loan. Then, there is Charlie, who owns a chain of computer repair shops that have been modernized to allow cashless payments. And of course, single delivery van owner Ben, who now owns a new fleet of delivery vehicles, thanks to Metrobank. Finally, Sharon, a Relationship Manager from Metrobank, visits the bakeshop of Gigi and Andy to discuss potential investment opportunities for their family. 

By the end of the film, Metrobank underscores its belief that ‘where communities grow, we all grow.’

Watch the film here.

For over 60 years, Metrobank has been keeping Filipinos in good hands. Leading international financial institutions and publications including Asian Banker, Euromoney, and AsiaMoney have recognized the bank over the years for its strength and reliability for customers, businesses, and entire communities.

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