Ready, Set, Eat with An’Dale

Derived from the Filipino or Bisaya words “madali” or “dali”, which mean “fast” or “easy”, An’dale offers perfectly-sized and perfectly-priced complete meals from easy rice, and sandwiches, to some of your oriental favorites—a complete meal on its own, always!


An’Dale is proud to serve a complete meal in one eco-friendly packaging, which is essential in today’s busy schedule; creating a better food choice alternative in the greenest way possible for cravings at home, at work, or…wherever you may be.

To spread a good mood through good food, the team-up between Chef Paul and VP of Business Development, Kristine has thoughtfully crafted its menu line which is classified into three: Over Rice, In Between, and Oriental Box.

Over Rice

Over Rice, because no meal is complete without rice! Your favorite dishes over special rice? That’s a real 10!

In Between

And…a little extra for In Between. Instead of just using bread for our sandwich, they’re using a sandwich to make a sandwich! A grilled cheese sandwich as a base, with a side of An’dale chips….Oh, and don’t forget the chips! You better try!

Oriental Box

Last but not the least, the Oriental Box. This definitely deserved a section for itself! The oriental flavors have always been a part of the Cebuano palette. We share with you some of our favorite flavors here:

• Kiamoy Chicken Over Rice – crispy chicken with stir-fried vegetables in pineapple sauce (with white rice of course!)
• Pork Belly Bao – soft and fluffy steamed bao buns filled with tender, slow-cooked belly in sweet soy sauce.
• Indian Butter Chicken – inspired by a classic flavorful Indian dish featuring full-flavored sauce with spices that complement chicken and An’dale rice goodness.
• Homemade Bacon in Pineapple Rum Glaze – made with real meat, marinated in sweet pineapple juice glazed with rum, yum!
• Cereal Crusted Chicken Sandwich – cereal-crusted chicken fillet, just the right addition to a grilled cheese sandwich.
• Hoisin Pork Over Rice – its thick fragrant sauce is just the perfect touch to this pork dish! With a side of rice and veggies.

An’Dale has no physical store yet as of this writing, but you can always reach out to them and send a message on Facebook and Instagram (@andaleeats) or call them at 0956-286-9297. They are also available on GrabFood and foodpanda.

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