Anjo World Turns One, Opens Daily Beginning December

Anjo World, Cebu’s first-ever world-class theme park, is celebrating its first anniversary. And to commemorate this great milestone, the famous amusement park operated and owned by Belmont One has prepared some special treats for all of its loyal guests. Read on to find out what’s in store for all visitors of Anjo World this month!

Free Rides at Anjo World

As part of its anniversary celebration, Anjo World invited 300 hundred orphans from different parts of Cebu and let them enjoy the park’s world-class rides for free. The orphans come from SOS Children’s Village, Juanito I King Foundation, Children’s Joy Foundation, and Casa Miami Somascan Fathers.

According to Anjo World President Chester Lim, the 300 orphans were invited so that they could enjoy the park amidst the pandemic. He said, “We want them to know that Anjo World will always be here for them.”

Anjo World is one of the establishments in Cebu that have been allowed to reopen. However, since the threat of the pandemic is still very much real, health and safety measures are strictly being observed inside the park.

Health and Safety Protocols

To ensure the health and safety of both the staff and the visitors, Anjo World is strictly implementing protocols before entering and when inside the amusement park. The main park entrance has been fenced off to ensure that visitors enter and exit only at designated areas. Signs and markers have also been put in place to allow proper and hassle-free movement of guests inside the park.

Upon entry, guests are required to sign the contact tracing form. They are also required to wear a mask and a face shield to be allowed entry into the park. Inside the park, audio recordings are play throughout the day to remind guests to practice social distancing and to observe proper safety protocols at all times.

Also, for the safety of the riders, rides will be disinfected before and after the ride. At Snow World, jackets will only be worn once each day. Anjo World assured that they won’t run out of jackets as they currently have 3,000 jackets available at the park.

Snow World

This year, Anjo World taking the Snow World experience to a different level. This year, the very first winter attraction in the Visayas and Mindanao will feature the new theme “Snow Village.” Guests will get to see and experience different Snow Village elements like gingerbread houses, snow-capped trees, snowmen, ice slides, and a whole lot more.


According to Anjo World President Chester Lim, the park has recently inked a partnership with MyBus. This means that access to and from the park is now a lot easier and safer. According to Lim, “We are very excited as this will bring more guests to Anjo World in a clean and safe mode of transportation.”

Anjo World Opens Daily

Previously, due to quarantine restrictions, Anjo World was only open on weekends. Beginning December 1, 2020, however, the theme park will be open daily from 10 am to 8 pm. Check out the rate board below to be guided:

NameAgeDaysRateRidesSnow World
Day Adventure PassRegularMondays to Thursdays500UnlimitedNo
Day Adventure PassRegularFridays to Sundays600UnlimitedNo
Day Adventure Pass + Snow WorldRegularMondays to Thursdays700UnlimitedYes
Day Adventure Pass + Snow WorldRegularFridays to Sundays800UnlimitedYes
Junior UnlimitedKids 35-55 Inches TallMondays to Thursdays400UnlimitedNo
Junior UnlimitedKids 35-55 Inches TallFridays to Sundays480UnlimitedNo
Junior Unlimited + Snow WorldKids 35-55 Inches TallMondays to Thursdays600UnlimitedYes
Junior Unlimited + Snow WorldKids 35-55 Inches TallFridays to Sundays680UnlimitedYes
Senior / PWDSenior / PWDMondays to Thursdays357.14UnlimitedNo
Senior / PWDSenior / PWDFridays to Sundays428.57UnlimitedNo
Senior / PWD + Snow WorldSenior / PWDMondays to Thursdays535.71UnlimitedYes
Senior / PWD + Snow WorldSenior / PWDFridays to Sundays607.14UnlimitedYes
Super TresMondays to Sundays2503No
Snow WorldMondays to Sundays350UnlimitedYes

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