10 Noticeable Changes at the Fuente Osmeña Circle

Last July 13, 2015, the Fuente Osmeña circle was officially sealed off for the commencement of the much-awaited revitalization project. The project aims to bring back the zest, charm, and the positive atmosphere of the old Fuente Osmeña circle which we all love and treasure.

And last December 1, five months after the project was started, the circle was once again opened to the public. The opening was made just in time for the launching of this year’s Pasko sa Sugbo celebrations.

Let’s take a look at ten noticeable changes that make the circle look a whole lot better.

But before that, let’s take a look at some old photos of the Fuente Osmeña circle.



Now, let’s check out the current look of the Fuente Osmeña circle.

 1. No More Perimeter Fence

The second fence (which enclosed the old skating area in the past) has been removed. This made the area around the fountain look wider, less constricting, and a lot more spacious.

2. Sturdier Perimeter Fence

The simple steel bar which served as the fence column was removed and replaced with much a sturdier and more visually appealing concrete column.

3. Beautiful Fence Lamps

Beautiful night lamps can now be seen on top of some concrete fence columns. These gorgeous lamppost heads give the park a more secure, elegant, and family-friendly feel.

4. A More Solid Paver Stone Walkway

The uneven concrete pavers which used to lead park visitors from the main entrance to the fountain are now gone. They have now been replaced with smooth and stable slabs of concrete.

5. More Flower Boxes/Vases

More flower boxes and vases have been added in various parts of the circle. Each one containing the signature bougainvillea plant, these plant boxes give the circle both the greenery and the blooms that it needs.

6. Bougainvillea-Lined Fence

The previously barren fence line right next to the main road is now filled with bougainvillea plants. The flowering plant is easy to grow and does not require a lot of attention. Plus, it discourages people from climbing over the fence.

7. Additional Steelbars for Security

Steel bars were added to the fence to prevent people – especially young kids who are left unattended by distracted parents – from entering and leaving the circle through the large gaps at the bottom.

8. More Benches

In the past, benches were few and far between at the circle. Scoring one was basically like winning in a raffle draw. Now, more benches have been added to make finding one easy and hassle-free.

9. Gorgeous Lampposts

The people behind the project decided to keep things simple and elegant. The ‘brass and glass’ lamppost heads look a hundred times nicer than the elongated, plastic ones which were all over the park in the past.

10. Winding Footpath

In place of the waist-high white, steel fence and the flowering santan plants, a winding concrete foot path can now be seen circling the fountain.

What do you think of these changes, so far? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Very nice renovations! All these renovations, when completed, will truly bring back the beauty and glory of Fuente Osmena. However, we do hope the tambays won’t steal those lovely lamps.

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