3 Reasons the Cebu Water Crisis Needs to be Addressed Immediately

Cebu is a booming city. With its flourishing economy and hardworking citizens, it continues to enjoy its unquestioned title as Queen City of the South. Sadly, despite all the progress and development in different parts of the city, the Cebuanos continue to deal with small troubles regularly. One of these inconveniences is the ongoing Cebu water crisis. With the demand for water not being met, Cebuanos have now even turned to social media, hoping to find a solution or an end to this otherwise manageable crisis.

Here are three good reasons why the Cebu water crisis needs to be addressed as soon as possible:

The Cebu Water Crisis is Everyone’s Concern

Whether we accept it not, the water crisis in Cebu is every Cebuano’s concern. Without or with limited water supply, almost all aspect of Cebuano life is affected. With water being unavailable in many barangays, many Cebuanos now travel to other parts of the city where there is steady supply. Some even now have to stay up as late as two in the morning just to wait for the supply to return. And since this happens almost daily in some areas, the residents stay up late on a regular basis, as well. More people now also rely on refilling stations for their clean and steady supply of water. Although this is convenient, this is an added expense that not a lot of Cebuanos can readily afford.

Cebuanos are Speaking Up

With the ongoing water crisis in Cebu City, Cebuanos are now actively voicing out their concern and dissatisfaction. In fact, a Facebook group is now actively discussing concerns and reports related to the problem. The group, which has more than 1,700 members, features complaints and issues personally posted by members experiencing the disservice. The posts range from simple complaints about water pressure to more serious ones involving certain personalities.

It Can Affect Pandemic Health Efforts

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a water crisis can greatly affect the ongoing pandemic health efforts. With the water crisis, important health practices end up becoming limited or completely forgotten. Simple tasks which could otherwise greatly help in the government’s fight against Covid-19 like regular hand-washing become an impossible thing to do.

The time to end this great inconvenience is here and now. Here’s hoping that with the Cebuanos’ continued vigilance and love for this city that we call home, the Cebu water crisis will soon be remedied. And that finally, it will become a thing of the past once and for all.

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