Shawarma Gourmet: Healthy (and Tasty) Dining in Cebu

Healthy can be delicious, too!

If you want to feast on amazing-tasting food but want to stick to your diet, there’s one special restaurant in Cebu City that you should definitely check out. This tiny restaurant is called Shawarma Gourmet. Located in Escario Central Mall along Escario Street, Shawarma Gourmet offers an exciting array of Lebanese, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern dishes that you will surely enjoy. Aside from these treats, they also serve vegan, vegetarian-friendly, and halal dishes that you can recommend to your family and friends.

Shawarma Gourmet has been around for quite a while. But while the brand has been enjoying tremendous popularity among lovers of authentic Lebanese and Middle Eastern food, it largely remains a secret to most Cebuanos.

Today, TheCebuano will let you in on this delicious little secret that you’d definitely wished you’d known sooner. Ready?

Shawarma Gourmet
Escario Central Mall, Escario Street, Cebu City

Restaurant hours: 10:00 am to 11:00 pm
Contact number: +63 915 983 3133
Serves: Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Lebanese

Seating: Single, by 2, by 4, Small group, Big group
Parking: Ample
Delivery: Food delivery apps
Vegan Options: Yes
Halal Options: Yes
Healthy Options: Yes
Desserts: Yes
Light Drinks: Yes








Arabic Croutons

They also serve platters which can feed up to three people

Shawarma Platter

They also serve manakish or the Middle Eastern version of pizza. They have quite a number of options to choose from, too!

If you want rice, they have rice meals available as well. This one is the Chicken Shawarma Rice plate.

Lastly, they also serve delicious and nutritious fruit juices and shakes.

To know more about Shawarma Gourmet, follow them on Facebook HERE. You may also contact them through this number: +63 920 665 9566.

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