OneSky and SkyDirect Are Finally in Cebu!

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SKY, the country’s trailblazing leader in cable entertainment, is bringing something different and exciting to the table.
Keeping in mind the ever-changing needs and demands if its customers, Sky is proud to present ONESKY. OneSky is an all-in-one seamless premium service that puts together all the essentials of the modern home. Under one subscription plan, you can now have high-speed internet, reliable cable service, and a modern and easy to use video-on-demand service all for the price of one.

The digital media landscape is constantly evolving. And it is for this exact reason that the country’s leader in cable and broadband service has decided to give convergent services a try.

OneSky allows its users to access Skybroadband’s high-speed internet, enjoy SKycable’s premium HD cable TV, and watch cable shows on the go by connecting to Skymobi’s mobile internet.

Sexy singer, comedienne, and actress Kitkat performs during the press launch of OneSky and SkyDirect.

 Converged Products Head Jerome Almirante explains to members of the media how Sky’s several products are used.

 To ensure that clients get nothing but the best value for their hard-earned money, they will enjoy high-speed internet connection that will allow them to stream shows seamlessly on one or more gadgets.

OneSky subscribers will also get to enjoy pre-selected cable channels which are most relevant to the Filipinos. Most importantly, subscribers will have a chance to access cable TV shows whenever and wherever they are using the ever-reliable Skymobi.


Cebuanos who live for cable shows, pay-per-view offerings, and other premium content can now heave a huge sigh of relief. SkyDirect, Sky’s direct-to-home satellite pay TV service will now be available to Cebuanos in Metro Cebu and even in far-flung areas.

What makes this several times more awesome is the simple fact that you do not have to shell out a fortune just to enjoy these services. SkyDirect can provide exceptional content to its subscribers for as low as PhP99 per month. Isn’t that great?

 Abbigail Ng Sy – Head Product Manager of SKYdirect, Jerome Almirante – Head of Converged Products, Kino Sarabosing – SKY General Manager for Cebu, and Ruel hechanova – SKY Visayas cluster entertainment from Head during the press conference for members of the Cebu media.

Plans and Details

Check out the rates and inclusions of Sky’s OneSky and SkyDirect plans!

OneSky Premium Plans
Monthly Service Fee PhP 1,599 / month PhP 1,999 / month PhP 2,999 / month PhP 3,999 / month
Internet Type Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Internet Speed up to 8 mbps up to 16 mbps up to 32 mbps up to 64 mbps
Cable TV Channels 10 HD Channels & 29 SD Channels 10 HD Channels & 29 SD Channels 12 HD Channels & 40 SD Channels 12 HD Channels & 40 SD Channels
Exclusive access Sky on Demand Sky on Demand Sky on Demand Sky on Demand

One Direct
Genre Channels Plan 99 Plan 250 Plan 450
Local 10 10 10 10
Kids 6 4 6 6
Sports 2 1 2 2
Religious 1 1 1 1
Movies 5 2 6 6
News 3 1 2 4
In-House 1 1 1 1
Learning 8 1 1 7
Gen Ent 7 1 1 7
Music 1 1 1 1
Others 4 4 4 4
Mood 1 1 1 1

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