6 Reasons Why You Should take the Mensa Qualifying Exam in Cebu

The high-IQ society Mensa will hold rounds of qualifying exams this coming August 27, 2016, Saturday at Castle Peak Hotel in Cebu City.  Test sessions will be held every hour, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and will typically take 40 minutes to complete.

Here are 7 reasons why you should grab this incredible opportunity to have yourself tested:

1. You get a genius-level professional network

Members come from diverse backgrounds and professions, but being able to think on the same frequency allows members to work together.  Mensa members include everyone from students to lawyers, BPO agents, IT specialists, doctors, writers, entrepreneurs, educators, media practitioners, and even a pastor (or two).

So if you’re seeking a network that gives you access to technical and professional excellence, then Mensa is a smart starting point for you. And since Mensa is an international society, your potential network can really span far and wide!

2. You have a family wherever you go in the world.

Mensa members always have something in common despite the differences in culture, religion, or even political affiliation. This rings true for Cedric Mabilotte, a social entrepreneur and a member from France. He has met Mensa members outside his chapter through his travels, including the Philippines.

“There are so many important aspects to consider when we self-reflect, like understanding that it is normal to be different, or that we all process things differently. Thanks to Mensa, I met other crazy people around the planet who can relate to these same thoughts, ” Cedric said.

3. You can avail scholarships aplenty.

Many international Mensa Scholarships are open to Mensa Philippines members. The Mensa Foundation’s scholarships, for instance, are specifically for international members attending colleges outside of the US. Dependents of international Mensa members attending college in the United States may also be given opportunities to qualify for scholarships through the foundation.

4. You will be exposed to people who share the same or even different interests.

Mensa encourages its members to join or create Special Interest Groups, or SIGs.  Some of the SIGs we have in the Philippine chapter include SIG for Adventure (or SIGA), a group of TED enthusiasts called SIGhTED, and a supposedly mature group of drinkers called AA (that stands for alcohol appreciation)! And if you want to learn about even more different things, Mensa Philippines has regular Brown Bag sessions, pitched as casual introductory courses about anything. These sessions include arnis, creating comics, voice acting, and bird watching.

What do we do for fun? We do board games, too. #MensaPhilTest

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5. You have the perfect excuse to travel and join national and international gatherings.

Initially intended as a meet and greet, Annual Gatherings have expanded to become a venue to reconnect with members and be updated on what’s new in the national chapter. International gatherings have grown to become a heterogeneous collection of programs, forums, games and entertainment, and is the perfect excuse to travel with other Mensa members.

6. Because if you don’t take the Mensa qualifying exam, you will never know.

Having said that, taking the Mensa exam is very similar to taking that first move – in finally asking out your crush for a movie date, in making a bold career change and in travelling solo for the first time. You always wanted to do this so take that leap of faith and take the qualifying exam this August 27.

For more details, please visit www.mensaphilippines.org. Walk-ins are welcome, but Mensa recommends those interested to pre-register for the test at the links found at their website.

The test fee is Php800, and all test-takers are required to bring a valid identification with photo. Undergraduate students may avail of the discounted price of Php500 if they show a current school ID.

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