Nido 3+ Todo Expert TIPS: An Afternoon of Fun and Learning

NIDO, the No. 1 milk brand for kids ages 3 to 5, recently held its first ever Nido 3+ Todo Expert TIPS (Toddler Indoor Picnic Sessions). The unique online event brought together parents, toddlers, and nutrition experts from all over the country. It was an afternoon of exciting games, fun activities, and useful toddlerhood tips. The event was a guide for parents on how to TODO protect their 3+ toddlers. However, it was super light and exciting because of its unique indoor picnic theme.

Nido 3+ Todo Expert TIPS

The fun Nido 3+ Todo Expert TIPS event started at three in the afternoon. Hosted by author and actress Kakki Teodoro, the online Zoom event gathered parents and toddlers from all over the country. It was an hour and a half of exciting and informative activities especially made for hands-on parents and their kids. With their food packs and picnic baskets ready, guests took part in different activities that focused on toddlerhood and proper nutrition.

Also present during the Todo Expert TIPS event were a few celebrity moms like Say Alonso, Gladys Reyes, Carla Henry, Isabel Oli-Pratts, and Maricar de Mesa, among others. They shared their personal experiences with Nido 3+ and how it has helped provide their toddlers with the right nutrition that they need. Moreover, GMA 7 Primetime Queen Marian Rivera and her toddler Ate Zia were also present to share tips and information to everyone who joined the event.

One of the highlights of the event was the AR (augmented reality) activity. The activity was one-of-a-kind and helped participants learn about things in a fun way. Using their mobile phones, guests visited a special website and then scanned a series of stickers found in different parts of a Nido 3+ box. Each sticker revealed a video, an infographic, or a special photo when scanned using the mobile phone.

Toddlerhood in Focus

The main goal of the activity was to shine a light on the importance of toddlerhood to a child’s development. This period in a child’s life is both exciting and critical. During this time, a child becomes confident and curious. As such, the child becomes eager to explore the world around him while also forming life-long habits at the same time.

During the event, several nutrition experts shared tips and helpful insights on how parents can provide the right health protection and nutrition to their 3+ toddlers. According to the experts, there are three main Todo Expert Tips to keep in mind in order to make your kids a #TodoExplorer.

Understand the 3+ Toddlerhood Years

Some parents may find the journey of toddlerhood a bit overwhelming or even difficult. That is exactly why it is important to know what goes through a child’s life and what to do about these changes.

During this stage, the child goes through three key developments – physical, cognitive, and psycho-social. This is the period when they begin to explore by walking and running, see the things around them, and learn during active play. They also begin interacting with members of their family and other kids around them. For this reason, parents must provide the proper nutrition to support their kids’ developing brain, body, and behavior.

Pay Attention to Gaps in Nutrition

It is important to note that parents play a key role in meeting the nutritional needs of their 3+ toddlers. According to a collaboration between Nestle Research Center and the Philippines’ Food and Nutrition Research Institute, there is an “inadequate intake of important vitamins and minerals in all age groups of Filipino children. These nutrients are important to support physical and cognitive growth and development as well as normal immune function during toddlerhood.” This inadequacy may be due to the typical diet of the Filipinos which focuses more on carbohydrates and refined sugars instead of fruits, vegetables, and age-appropriate milks.

Fortunately, NIDO 3+ has developed the NUTRITODS™ program. This scientific program is designed by experts to address the growing up needs of Filipino toddlers. For example, the new NIDO 3+ is rich in age-appropriate nutrients like LACTOBACILLUS PROTECTUS® and has no table sugar added. Additionally, it has 50% more nutrients like Vitamins A, C, E, DHA, PREBIO3®, Iron, Zinc and other essential vitamins & minerals.

Monitor Your Toddler’s Sugar Intake

According to the World Health Organization, the recommended daily sugar intake should not be more than 7 teaspoons a day. Sadly, the typical Filipino diet includes many milk products and sweetened beverages which are filled with refined sugars. This can lead to a wide array of problems including (but not limited to) dental issues, obesity, and even diabetes.

Unlike other milk products, NIDO® 3+ has lactose, a naturally occurring type of sugar which has no hidden sucrose. It aids in the digestion of calcium which is needed for bone development.

Fun Games and Surprises

During the online event, guests also enjoyed fun games which were inserted in between discussions. A few rounds of ‘Bring Me’ game got both parents and toddlers actively participating. Host Kakki also asked trivia questions and encouraged participants to type #TodoExplorer to be given a chance to answer. Those who gave the correct answer were very lucky to receive special gift packs from Nido.

Near the end of the Nido 3+ Todo Expert TIPS event, the duo Leanne and Naara performed a number of songs. They sang the official Nido jingle as well as other hits that the guests sang along to.


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