ARC Hospitals Launches Clinical Partnership with Farrer Park Hospital

ARC Hospitals recently launched its clinical partnership with Farrer Park Hospital through a surgical conference. The conference is part of the hospital’s Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program. The collaboration between Singapore’s Farrer Park Hospital and Lapu-Lapu City’s ARC Hospitals is set to increase ARC Hospitals’ standards of excellence through improvements in patient journey and care.

Surgical Conference

“This Surgical Conference is one form of advancing our affiliated physician’s medical education. Through this, they will learn from world-renowned experts from Farrer Park Hospital in the implementation of the standard of clinical care.”, said Dr. Alex E. Alegrado, ARC Hospitals’ Medical Director.

The Surgical Conference was held at Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort on February 11, 2023. Over a hundred surgeons and physicians from all over the Cebu Province joined this very important event.

Farrer Park Hospital

Tagged as the “Hospital of the Future” by AsiaOne Health, Farrer Park Hospital is a medical facility with 220 beds. It is part of Connexion, a fully integrated hospital-hotel complex. Running with intelligent systems, the hospital is built to be future-proof. Technology is woven into “every facet of treatment and patient experience”.

According to Farrer Park Hospital CEO Dr. Timothy Low, Farrer Park is unique and truly special. He said, “Our hospital is a hospital of the future. Properly utilized, the state-of-the-art equipment and technology can increase efficiency, reduce cost, and, most importantly, improve patient outcomes.”

Farrer Park Hospital is a private facility in Singapore with specialist clinics, medical technology, and nuclear medicine. It also has radiology services that support a wide range of surgical specialties in oncology, orthopedics, gastroenterology, and cardiology.

Partnership Between ARC Hospitals and Farrer Park Hospital

The partnership between Farrer Park Hospital and ARC Hospitals aims to produce important and even ground-breaking innovations in the medical field in the Philippines.

The collaboration should:

  • shine a light on the prevalent gaps in practices and procedures
  • continue the Continuing Medical Education (CME) to improve patient care through medical education
  • fly in experts and specialists to take part in the resolution of various cases
  • make teleconsultation with international experts available to Cebuanos
  • allow knowledge transfer in terms of best practices, leadership, and learning events
  • and more!

To know more about this partnership, follow the official Facebook page of ARC Hospitals.

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