Toyota Mabolo Unveils Premium Lifestyle Center at SM City Cebu

Toyota Mabolo recently unveiled its premium lifestyle center at SM City Cebu. The showroom, an extension of the Toyota Mabolo Cebu franchise, is a true testament to the premier dealership’s ability to come up with creative ways to elevate the customer experience.

Premium Lifestyle Center

The opening of the new showroom also signifies optimism in the recovery of the country’s economy. According to Toyota Mabolo Execute Vice President Joseph Lo, this move was one of the many planned ‘upgrades’ to help elevate the customer experience. He said, “We are opening the Toyota Mabolo Premium Lifestyle Center as an extension of the Toyota Mabolo franchise. We’re elevating the customer experience of the entire industry.”

The new showroom, which is considered the BIGGEST, NEWEST, and MOST EXCITING 3000sqm showroom in the entire country features:

Floor-to-Ceiling LED wall which can be used for simulation and virtual presentation

Coffee Shop where clients can get light snacks and refreshments

GR Garage Kiosk where customers can score exclusive Toyota apparel, accessories, and lifestyle items

An Interactive Booth where customers can learn more about different Toyota models and products

A See-and-Touch showroom that features some of the brand’s most in-demand models like Wigo, Vios, Fortuner, Hilux, and more!

Toyota Mabolo: Inspiring Change

During the press conference, Mr. Lo said that they hope to inspire not only the automotive industry but also all sectors as well to elevate their standards. “We actually decided to open our showroom amidst the pandemic to inspire other businesses, other entrepreneurs to signify that this is the new normal we should get used to and they should also be opening their businesses as well, to keep the economy running and generate jobs” Mr. Lo added.

Together with the whole Toyota Mabolo team, Mr. Lo expressed optimism in the company’s prospects next year especially that 2022 is an election year. The election will hopefully create economic activity not only in the auto industry but in other industries as well that is enough to help everyone get back on their feet.

Automotive Vehicle Sales

Earlier, the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines Inc. (CAMPI) and the Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA) had disclosed that the country’s automotive vehicle sales recovered in the first quarter of 2021 amid the global health and economic crisis. According to CAMPI and TMA, vehicle sales from January to March this year posted an 8.9 percent increase compared to January and February 2020, which were pre-pandemic months.

“For 2021, we did pretty well from January all the way to May; not as good as (same period in) 2019, but we’re hopeful that we are on our way to economic recovery,” Mr. Lo said. Yvonne Bala, Toyota Mabolo vehicle sales manager, said that their company posted 40 percent higher sales from January to May this year compared to last year. However, their sales were lower by 20 percent compared to the same period in 2019, which is not bad considering there is still a pandemic, Ms. Bala added. They expect an increase in sales from the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) which will be acquiring service vehicles, she explained.

A Unique Concepts by Toyota Mabolo

The Toyota Mabolo Premium Lifestyle Center provides a unique concept. “We’re not just selling cars but elevating the lifestyle of every Cebuano. It’s a different kind of experience when you are there, a First in the auto industry” Mr. Lo stressed.

In addition, according to Mr. Lo, they will soon be showcasing the long awaited new models this year such as the all-new Land Cruiser 300 and the GR Yaris. However, their priority is to push the sales for Philippine manufactured vehicles like the Vios and Innova to help generate jobs for fellow Filipinos.

The showroom is located on the lower ground floor of the SM City Cebu, beside Chester Enterprises. Toyota Mabolo offers low downpayment schemes. such as Piso Downpayment for Wigo and Vios units, subject to 15% bank approval. Ms. Bala urged Cebuanos to come and visit the Toyota Mabolo Premium Lifestyle Center so they could feel the difference in the services and products they are offering. “This is the first in the Philippines, so visit our showroom at SM City Cebu,” she added.

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