Rotary Club of Cebu Turns Over Seedlings Nursery to Old Ludo-Chonghua Cemetery Residents

On March 19, 2021, the Rotary Club of Cebu Fort San Pedro turned over the Nursery for Vegetable Seedlings to the residents of the Old Ludo-Chonghua Cemetery in Barangay Carreta. Heading the event was club president Shane Getutua. Joining him was former president Jess Rojo Rodinas.

Turnover Event

The short and simple event was held in the area where the nursery is located. Present during the event were club officers and members, local leaders, and a team from the Cebu City Agriculture Dept. Also present were members of the local press.

Project leaders pose in front of the facility during the turn over event.
The nursery at the Old Ludo-Chonghua Cemetery

The club also turned over materials and other tools needed to run a successful urban garden.

Sacks of compost were also turned over during the event.

Urban Gardening Project

The project is done with the help of the Rotary Club of Lancaster Sunrise and the Cebu City Agriculture Department. The project aims to help the local community during this very difficult time. Moreover, this project is just one of the club’s many activities. It follows the Rotary’s 2020-2021 theme “Rotary Opens Opportunities.”

Livelihood Resilience in the New Normal

This project by the Rotary Club aims to help the less privileged live through these hard times with useful and timely activities.

Under the project, the empty plots of land inside the cemetery are turned into urban gardens. It aims to give the local community gets its own source of both food and income.

To know more about this project, be sure to follow the RCC – Fort San Pedro’s official Facebook page HERE.

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