Shop with Holiday Cheer at Landers Superstore Cebu

This December, between 2,000 to 3,000 different items will be on sale at Landers Superstore Cebu. This special shopping event is just one of the Landers Superstore Cebu’s many ways of expressing its gratitude to the countless Cebuanos who continue to make the superstore the leading membership shopping destination in Cebu.

Holiday Sale at Landers Superstore Cebu

For the whole month of December, members of Landers can enjoy amazing deals on various items. Some items are even sold with up to 50 percent discount.

Holiday Treats at Landers Superstore Cebu

Also, be sure to check out some delicious holiday treats you can score at Landers this month!

1. Landers signature Chicken Bucket

2. Fruit Baskets

3. Landers Treat Bag

4. US MarBle Creme Cake

5. Simpkims Candies

6. Grimm’s Old Fashioned Ham

7. Roasted Chicken

8. NY Smoked Bacon Mushroom Pizza

Discounts on Membership Fee

Landers is offering a 25% discount on membership fees for new membership and renewal applications. In addition, the new member will get ₱200 worth of Landers gift certificates and other perks.

New Normal Shopping at Landers

To ensure that both shoppers and staff are safe and healthy, strict health protocols will be observed at Landers. Aside from the foot bath and body temperature checks at the entrance, Landers is also strictly implementing the wearing of a face mask and full-face shield for all members and employees. Moreover, with three-meter wide aisles, members can easily keep the required distance from each other.

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