Music, Wine, and More at Metro Ayala Supermarket’s ‘All About Wine and Spirits’

It was an afternoon of music, surprises, and learnings as the Metro Ayala Supermarket held a special activation called “All About Wine and Spirits”. The event, which highlights the different wine and spirit brands currently available at Metro’s Ayala Supermarket branch, was held at the activity center fronting the supermarket.

All About Wine and Spirits aims to bring the wine and spirits industry closer to the buyers and consumers. It is the goal of the event to not only make the brands more familiar to the buyers but also to give the consumers some useful information that they can use when buying and consuming these products.

All About Wine and Spirits featured free tasting, live musical performances, exciting games, and more! The highlight of the activation, however, was the short talk show which featured the people behind some of today’s most favorite and most successful wine and spirits brands.

During the talk show, the special guests talked about the source, history, production process, and eventual distribution of some of today’s leading wine and spirits brands.

Other topics discussed during the fun and highly-entertaining event include the different health benefits of wine and spirits, proper storage of wine and spirits, and the various ways to enjoy these products.

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