Tricks and Treats at McDonald’s 2016 Grand Halloween Family Fun Day

Last October 22, 2016, McDonald’s held its annual Grand Halloween Family Fun Day at the trade convention hall of JCentre Mall in Mandaue City. Attracting hundreds of kids and kids at heart from all over the island, the event was one whole day of excitement, games, and magic!

The JCentre Mall Convention Hall was filled to the rafters during McDonald’s 2016 Grand Halloween Family Fun Day.

The one-day-only event was divided into two sessions. The first session was from 8 am to 11 am and the second one was from 12 pm to 3 pm. This was done to accommodation the huge number of kids (and their families) who wanted to take part in this year’s biggest halloween-themed gathering. Aside from the numerous fun and interactive games that the kids totally loved, the kids (and their companions) also enjoyed magic shows, educational presentations, and a stage play called Mcdo Magical Kingdom.

Face and body paint for only PhP 20 per design.

A mini bowling game for the small ones.

Clowns and long-legs can be seen all over the hall during the event.

Cup stacking for those who prefer a little challenge.

The goal is pretty simple: Throw the pingpong balls and make sure that they land inside one of the cups on the wall.

Kids and their companions watching the magic show headlined by seasoned magicians and performers.

For only PhP200, kids get a Happy Meal with 1 pc Chicken McDo + toy, a pumpkin bag, a cape, and a witch’s hat. Each companion only has to shell out PhP85 to be able to enter the venue and get 1 Cheese Burger Mcdo and a drink.

The 2016 McDonald’s Grand Halloween Family Fun Day event tickets available at PhP 200 and PhP 85.

Aside from all these wonderful treats, participants also got to enjoy freebies from participating sponsors.

Free treats from OISHI and KAMBAL Pandesal.

Unlimited drinks from Coca Cola!

And let’s not forget the photo booths which were a certified crowd favorite.

Cuties patiently waiting for their turn at the photo booth.

McDonald’s also had a booth where some of their most exciting toys were sold at a much lower price.

 Were you able to join this year’s McDonald Grand Halloween Family Fun Day? What did you think about the event? Let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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