Cebu Pacific Announces Partnership with Philippine Eagle Foundation

On October 16, 2015, Cebu Pacific announced a very important news. To strengthen its “commitment to act on environmental conservation issues that are greatly linked to the country’s rich biodiversity,” Cebu Pacific, the country’s leading airline, has decided to create a partnership with the Philippine Eagle Foundation. Here are six of the most important things you need to know about this historic partnership.

1. The Philippine Eagle Foundation is at the forefront of Philippine eagle conservation.

The Philippine Eagle Foundation is an organization that works really hard to make sure that the last remaining Philippine eagles are safe and well-protected. The foundation also focuses on projects that benefit not only the Philippine eagles but also their forest habitats and the people who rely on its bounties.

2. The Philippine Eagle “Mindanao” is one of the last remaining Philippine eagles in the world.

One of the eagles under the Philippine Eagle Foundation’s Conservation programs is “Mindanao.” Mindanao is a 13 year old eagle who has been under the foundation’s care since he was born. Mindanao is one of the last 800 Philippine eagles that remain all over the world.

3. “Mindanao” is a Philippine Eagle Ambassador for Education.

As one of the few eagles in the conservation that can tolerate human presence, Mindanao is considered the Philippine Eagle Ambassador for Education. He inspires both the locals and the visitors of the Philippine Eagle Center to learn more about the plight of their species. He also helps educate people about the delicate balance that is forever ruined with their absence.

4. Cebu Pacific has adopted the Philippine Eagle “Mindanao.”

To further strengthen its commitment to act on environmental conservation issues that are greatly linked to the rich diversity of the Philippines, Cebu Pacific, the leading airline company in the Philippines, has decided to take on quite a special responsibility. To help preserve a truly essential part of our country’s thriving ecosystem, Cebu Pacific has decided to adopt Philippine Eagle Mindanao and be the overseer of all its needs and demands.

5. Cebu Pacific will take care of Mindanao’s needs.

As Mindanao’s adoptive ‘parent,’ Cebu Pacific will take care of all his needs for five years. This means that Cebu Pacific will shoulder all of the expenses for Mindanao’s food and medicine. And since the Philippine Eagle is a very delicate animal and demands a lot of attention and medical care, Cebu Pacific will also shoulder all of the expenses for Mindanao’s veterinary care.

6. You, too, can help save the Philippine eagles.

The conservation of the remaining Philippine eagles is a continuing saga. Although the foundation is doing its best to keep our eagles safe and well, everyone’s help and support is also needed. If you want to help the foundation in any way, please feel free to contact them.

Philippine Eagle Conservation Program Foundation, Inc.
The Philippine Eagle Center
Malagos, Baguio District
Davao City, Philippines 8000
PO Box 8015
(082) 324-1860

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