Team Juan Big Fight Wins Cebu Pacific’s #JuanForFun2015

Last July 1, the culmination program for this year’s #JuanForFun Backpacker Challenge was held in Davao City. After 8 grueling days of nonstop traveling and adventures, the five teams have finally reached the end of their long but definitely memorable journey.

The Juan for Fun Backpacker Challenge is Cebu Pacific’s ultimate backpacking adventure. The challenge lets teams explore various destinations in Cebu Pacific’s network for free for 8 straight days.

 This year, the groups travelled to Bangkok, Thailand and various Philippine destinations of their choice.

How is the winning team chosen? Simple. The team with the highest ranking in special fun challenges and the most number of fun experiences and discoveries wins! You think that’s easy? Well, the teams were only allowed to spend USD 250 and Php 35,000 during their whole trip. Each team, however, has a celebrity coach that guides them and gives them tips and advice.

The Juan for Fun Backpacker Challenge 2015 culminating program was held at Eden Nature Park and Resort in Davao City. Let’s take a look at some of the scenes during the awarding ceremony.

Representatives of Cebu Pacific’s partners, sponsors, and co-presenters were present during the awarding ceremony.

Team Iskapade from Cebu wins the Merrell special award.

Team Extreme from Manila wins the Smart special award.

Team Iskapade wins another award. This time, the GetGo special award.

Team DoMaRo wins a special award from Cebu Pacific.

Team Square from Manila wins the Yakisoba special award.

Team Iskapade (with Coach Bogart the Explorer) and Team Square (with Coach Champ) are this year’s runners up.

Team Juan Big Fight and Team Extreme, both from Manila, await the announcement of the grand winner.

Coaches Iya (Team Juan Big Fight) and Joyce Pring (Team Extreme) are nervous for their team.

This year’s second placer is Team Extreme. Congratulations, guys!

And this year’s big winner is Team Juan Big Fight. Congratulations!

So what exactly did they win?

They won 12 round-trip tickets to any Cebu Pacific destination, 3 Canon Powershot SX600 cameras, 3 Samsung Tab 3 Lite tablets from Smart, and Php 30,000 worth of gift certificates from Boreas Travel Gear. Awesome!

Good job, everyone!

See you next year!

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