Hell Week at Academy for International Culinary Arts

Last week, TheCebuano got invited to a very unique event organized by AICA (which stands for Academy for International Culinary Arts). As part of AICA’s Restaurant Simulation Program, students are allowed to invite family members and friends to sample some of their culinary masterpieces.

Academy for International Culinary Arts

For the uninitiated, AICA is one of Cebu‘s top culinary schools. The academy is known for its focused classroom set-up, a faculty that is composed of some of the biggest names in culinary arts, and world-class, high-value programs that cater to various needs and demands.

Restaurant Simulation Program

To be clear, this isn’t just about food tasting. As the name suggests, students have to take part in a program where ‘customers’ order, praise, get dissatisfied or impatient, or have a major hissy fit if the steak isn’t ‘medium rare.’ For the students, this is called ‘hell week.’ For the rest of the ‘customers’ however, we say in unison, “Hell, yeah!”

While waiting for the event to start, guests were served some nachos. The salsa was delicious, I must say.

Then, we were served some appetizers. Here, we have ceviche and Mexican stew.


For the main course, we were served Beef Macchaca.

We also got Mexican ribs! Although I enjoyed both, I have to say that this one was just heavenly.

Finally, for dessert, we got Spice Cake with Mexican Flan and Bunnuelos. The spice cake was a pretty interesting experience, I’ll tell you that. And although I hate cinnamon with a passion, the flan actually tasted really great.

In conclusion, we really enjoyed Hell Week at the Academy for International Culinary Arts. To the team who prepared and served these awesome dishes, congratulations! You’re ready for the real thing! Good luck!

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