10 Things You Need to Know about “Dodong” by Troiski

Cebu is a treasure chest of amazing talent. And thanks to the continually growing interest in Cebuano music, more and more of these local talents are getting the attention that they deserve.

This week, TheCebuano proudly presents yet another talented Cebuano who is making waves in the local music scene. With the release of his first single “Dodong,” Troi Jiff Teodulo T. Cabanag IV aka Troiski is slowly making a name for himself both as a singer and a songwriter. And with his raw talent and passion, we are sure that he will go far!

So here are ten things you need to know about Troiski and his first hit single ‘Dodong.’


1. “Dodong” is Troiski‘s debut binisaya single celebrating the “kilig” of a first-time love. Ironically though, he wrote it much later after the breakup with his muse.


2. This Cebuano singer-songwriter was bestowed the honor of being handpicked as a sponsored fellow at the PhilPop Songwriting Bootcamp 2017 mentored by no less than Ryan Cayabyab, Noel Cabangon, among others.


3. The music video is co-starred by fellow Cebuano Monica Cuenco, lead actress of Bituing Walang Ningning the Musicale at Resorts World Manila. The two instantly clicked on set despite meeting for the first time. Troiski, however, was admittedly awkward as it was his first time acting on camera, so it helped that the more veteran Monica coaxed him out of his shell.


4. It helps too to have an actor’s director at the helm. Anthony V. Uy a.k.a. @choixp helped Troiski feel at ease on a green screen set that was heavily bombarded by powerful lights. A graduate of the International Academy of Film & Television (IAFT) but also a Cebu native, Anthony likewise wrote, edited, and did the animation for the music video. He is an awarded actor, talented designer, and current radio jock.


5. Ably organizing the shoot was Cebu-based @abovethelineproductions, which served as line and behind-the-scenes producer. They are the same team that brought us the hilarious hit movie “Patay Na Si Hesus.”


6. The only props utilized during the shoot were a pair of wooden stools and a guitar. But despite that, any shadow or shimmer that these props cast on the green screen were meticulously fixed by an able crew of grips from CMB Films. Shadows are tricky to eliminate in post production.


7. Monica was supposed to wear high-heeled shoes for the shoot, but since it was too shiny, the green color from the screen bounced off it, which would cause post-production problems. The sneakers she used during the shoot was hurriedly rummaged from the studio’s storage at the last minute.


8. To jibe with the light and playful tempo of the song, Anthony designed a caricature for the cover art prominently displayed when you stream or download on iTunes or Spotify.


9. Dodong topped the charts culled by the Halo Halo Radio network from their stations in Davao, Zamboanga, and Cebu. Troiski had likewise appeared on Net 25 (TV) and Pinas FM in Manila and in local papers, and his song is heard in radio stations in key cities around the country.


10. The music video premiered on Myx Philippines prior to its online release. Indeed, a rare feat for a binisaya music video.

To know more about Troiski and his new single ‘Dodong,’ make sure to visit his official Facebook page HERE. You may also support his official video by visiting VIVA RECORDS’ official Youtube Channel HERE.

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