In Photos: Remembering Supertyphoon Yolanda

Four years ago, on November 8, 2013, Supertyphoon Yolanda ravaged the Philippine islands. In Cebu, the typhoon pummeled the coastal areas and the northern towns of Daanbantayan, Bantayan, Camotes, Bogo, San Remigio, and Medellin. Considered the strongest typhoon to date to hit the country, Yolanda destroyed homes and infrastructure, displaced thousands of families, and took the lives of thousands of people.

This week, in photos, let us revisit the aftermath of the biggest natural catastrophe to ever hit the Philippines in recent memory.

After the Typhoon

Here are some photos of Cebu City a few hours after the Supertyphoon made landfall.

The Fuente Osmeña skywalk

Residents leaving the Cebu Provincial Capitol after the typhoon

A fallen tree destroyed a portion of the Fuente perimeter fence

The 2013 Christmas Tree at Fuente Osmeña

Sandbags placed on streets at the Cebu Business Park

Perimeter fence of the U/C Ayala Center Cebu phase 2

An age-old tree near the Magellan’s Cross kiosk

More aftermath photos from SkyScraperCity-Cebu

Evacuation and the Great North Cebu Drive

People from nearby provinces started arriving in Cebu a few days after the tragedy. One of the busiest receiving centers was the Tinago Evacuation Center.

And Cebuanos didn’t rely on fund-raising campaigns to help their fellow Cebuanos in need. The weekend after the supertyphoon, thousands braved the heavy traffic (the tail end beginning in Liloan) to the northern end of the island to distribute relief goods. Trucks and private vehicles carrying medicine, water, and food slowly made their way towards Northern Cebu This has now been called the Great North Cebu Drive.

Street signs asking for help seen along the highway

Residents wait for help along the road

Destoyed homes and structures in Northern Cebu

Residents line up for medical treatment outside the Bogo Hospital

The heavily-damaged town church of San Remigio

Road to Medellin, Cebu

Medellin town’s roofless sports center

What remains of a house in Medellin

The Curva, Medellin tree after Yolanda

Residents receiving donations from fellow Cebuanos

A private vehicle stopping to distribute goods in Medellin

Residents receiving relief goods from various organizations

Special thanks to SSC-Cebu and Leylander of for the photos!

Do you have Yolanda photos or experiences that you want to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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