11 Cebu Waterfalls to Include in your Bucket List

When it comes to natural spots, Cebu has a lot to offer. Cebu has hot and cold springs, amazing river systems, pristine white-sand beaches, caves both explored and uncharted, mountain ranges, jaw-droppingly beautiful rock formations, crags, and natural pools both briny and fresh. Cebu also has some of the most amazing waterfall systems in the country. And no, we’re not just talking about Kawasan Falls and Mantayupan Falls (although these two are also both gorgeous.) We’re talking about at least 10 good ones here!

TheCebuano visited 11 of Cebu’s most beautiful waterfall systems. Find out why TheCebuano thinks all 11 should be on your bucket list.

1. Ka-Tinggo Falls

Location: Catmon
  • Located below the Esoy Mainit Spring Resort
  • 15 minutes trek from resort
  • River trekking required
  • Entrance fee
  • Guide needed
  • Deep

2. Kawasan Falls

Location: Badian
  • Has 2 major drops and several smaller ones
  • 20 minutes trek from the main road
  • Entrance fee
  • Accommodations available
  • Deep

3. Bagatayam Falls

Location: Sogod
  •  Visible from the main highway
  • 30-second trek from the main road
  • No entrance fee
  • Deep

4. Aguinid Falls

Location: Samboan
  • Only 5 minutes from the main highway
  • Several drops
  • Amazing rock formations
  • Entrance fee
  • Shallow, Mid

5. Mangasang Falls

Location: Tagbao, Cebu City
  • Several small drops
  • Requires advanced-beginner trekking skills
  • River-trekking required
  • 15 minutes from main road
  • 30 minutes from Ayala Heights
  • Guide needed
  • Very Deep

6. Inambakan Falls

Location: Ginatilan
  • Only 10 minutes from the drop-off point
  • 20 minutes habal-habal ride from the highway
  • Entrance fee
  • Guide needed
  • Very Deep

7. Cambais Falls

Location: Alegria
  • Only 1.03km from the main road
  • Has several drops
  • Entrance fee
  • Deep, Very Deep

8. Kabang Falls

Location: Budlaan, Cebu City
  • 30 minutes trek from barangay proper
  • Requires river trekking
  • Advanced-beginner trekking skills required
  • No entrance fee
  • Guide needed
  • Shallow, Mid

9. Mantayupan Falls

Location: Barili
  • 10 minutes from town market
  • One of the tallest in Cebu
  • Has 3 smaller drops
  • Entrance fee
  • Mid, Very Deep


10. Tumalog Falls

Location: Oslob
  • Natural water curtain
  • Pool for swimming
  • 20 minutes from main road to park loat
  • 15 minutes trek from park lot
  • Entrance fee
  • Shallow, Mid

11. Kan-Amno Falls

Location: Boljoon
  • 15 minutes from main highway
  • Intermediate trekking skills required
  • River trekking required
  • Giant boulders
  • Numerous pools, several drops
  • No entrance fee
  • Guide needed
  • Shallow, Deep

How many of these falls have you scratched off your bucket list?

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  1. Sharol says:


  2. Marj says:

    4/11 and aiming to complete all 47 waterfalls in Cebu. Larga-bola mga laagan! 😀 😀 😀

  3. Very nice! We haven’t been to half of the waterfalls you mentioned here. Will definitely find time to check them out.

  4. EDEN says:

    there are some waterfalls not mentioned here like:
    MOntaneza Falls in Malabuyoc
    Dao Falls in Samboan..

    Love the nature…been to 5 waterfalls already 6 more here in the list

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